SEPHORA - The employees are terrible

SEPHORA - Employees using my account to steal 'gifts'

Make-up comes in many varieties, but the pros will tell you that you usually get what you pay for. The cheap items in drug stores are just that – cheap. But spend your money well in a specialty make-up store and you’ll enjoy beautiful results and lasting product.

But there’s a downside to that. You’ll have to deal with the employees in the make-up store.

There is something about make up stores that make the catty side of people show. Perhaps it’s the beauty products. Or maybe it’s the sheer volume of people trying to find great deals on being attractive.

Whatever it is, you can spend a fortune in a make-up store, feel pretty and leave irate – a particular combination that seems to stir up only in luxury cosmetic stores.

Catty Employees

You walk into a store to try on a new brand of eye shadow you’ve heard a lot about. This isn’t anything to write home about – the store provides samples for that very reason. You take a look at the samples and try a bit of the make-up on to see how it looks. As you’re glancing in the tiny mirror provided, you hear a voice behind you.

The voice is complaining about customers trying out make up and being unhygienic. You turn around. She is definitely talking about you. And she’s talking about you loudly!

Embarrassed, you quickly clean up the area you were in to be sure she has no reason to complain. After all, you used the sample with the materials the store provided. But no. It’s not enough to satisify this particular sales associate.

She is now talking to a group of employees and they are all looking in one direction.

That’s right – they are looking right at you. And they aren’t smiling.

In fact, you can hear them making fun of you and even see them pointing in your direction.

Disgusted you try to locate the manager to complain about the customer service. But when you spot her, she’s talking to another employee as well. Low and behold, they aren’t talking about restocking shelves or anything managerial. They are talking about another customer in the store!

You are out of options if you’re looking for someone professional. It’s time to leave and you do.

Customer Theft

Your favorite cosmetic store offers a point system to help you earn free gifts. You spend quite a bit in the store so this is a great deal for you. You spend hundreds of dollars one month.

A few weeks later you head back into the store and spend some more money and cash in some of your rewards. The system works like a charm.

When you make your way to a new store in a new city, you ask about your rewards balance. You’d like to cash in some rewards while you’re making another purchase. To your horror, you learn that you are in the negative point range. Someone has been using your points to get merchandise and it wasn’t you.

The employee in the new store makes it clear she disapproves. She even talks to you like you were stealing products! But you didn’t use the points – you haven’t shopped in the store for months!

But someone did.

Only a handful of people had access to your point account. Those people would be you and the associates who helped you check out in your last store.

Could the employees be stealing from their own store using your points?

It certainly looks that way.

And it looks like you’ll be shopping elsewhere from now on.