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HR Block - Filed January 15 th 2014 . Taxes weren't sent in til feb 5th

HR Block - Was charge for a free efile

Tax season isn’t always simple filing and big returns. Sometimes even the simplest tax returns can bring on big headaches for individuals looking for help with the filing process.

When you file your taxes, there are often many factors that come into play, but when you work with someone who is supposed to specialize in tax filing, you’d expect the process to be pretty simple.

And it can be.

But sometimes I’d an absolutely mess.

Making the Appointment

The first step with most tax preparers is getting your appointment made. With many of the larger names in tax preparation, you can arrange your appointment online. In some cases you can skip the appointment all together and simply walk into the store to meet with a tax professional.

Sometimes, however, you do your best to make an appointment and still wind up standing around like you just walked in off the street.

Tax businesses make their money by charging fees on tax returns. If you’re not filing a return for someone, you’re not making the company money. So it’s only logical that the corner store tax business wouldn’t hire anyone who isn’t making the company money in some way.

In some cases that means no receptionist.

Unfortunately for you, that also means you can’t call and schedule an appointment or even call to follow up on one you scheduled online. It may even mean that when you arrive at the tax store, you have nobody to give you an guidance.

Perhaps you sit and wait for the tax preparer to come and grab you from the front room. Perhaps you walk around a little bit, feeling extremely awkward while you try to figure out what to do.

Finally, you might just interrupt one of the so-busy-I-can’t-acknowledge-you preparers to ask about the appointment you made. It turns out the person you’re supposed to be meeting isn’t even scheduled to work that day.

Perhaps a receptionist would have saved your business – and made the company money – but when faced with a situation like that, who can blame you from walking out?

Taking Care of Business

Of course, sometimes everything goes beautifully during the appointment you have with the preparer. You make your appointment, you sit down, and you go through the process. Your preparer gets everything set up and ready to submit on January 31st when the government will start taking returns.

But then you wait.

The text that tells you the government has received your returns doesn’t come on the 31st. Or the 1st. It doesn’t arrive until the 5th and now the fund you were planning to have in hand will be a week late arriving.

Fortunately, you can always take matters into your own hands and actually do the tax filing yourself without relying on anyone. Simply go through the online process and submit your returns!

As long as you are under a certain income threshold and don’t have a complicated filing, you can even submit your tax return for free in most systems. Free, that is, unless the system decides to automatically upgrade you.

If you are suddenly upgraded, you might not even be notified by the system or by email until you see the final screen of your transaction. Your return was verified and sent, and your account was charged over $150 for the privilege.

The system decided you were “premium” without letting you know and now you’re never getting that money back – you’d have to file a new return or make a miracle happen with the billing department of the tax company, and we all know that’s not going to happen.