Discount Tire - Useless Appointment

Discount Tire - Installed Cheaper Tires Than I Ask and Paid For - Dishonest Scam

Discount Tire - Scare Tactics on Women

There is always a risk when you’re buying new tires – after all, most of us aren’t ready to roll them out and fit them on the rim ourselves. We have to rely on a store dedicated to tires, and picking the right tire store can be a shot in the dark.

Is the store ethical? Are they going to try and scam you? Will you wind up paying more than you were quoted?

Of course, once your car goes back in the shop, you’re essentially at their mercy – they have your tires and your keys, and you’re stuck waiting.

Fortunately the vast majority of tire companies are sound practices who are interested in doing what is best for their customer. But then there are always those shops who aren’t.

They are more interested in making the extra buck, even if it means being a bit unethical about the tactics.

Buy One, Install Another

One of the simplest tricks a tire shop can use is to simple install a less expensive tire than the vehicle owner actually purchases. Let’s say you buy new tires for your car at $140 each. You’ve done a bit of research and the tires have good reviews and you feel like they are a safe, long-lasting choice for your vehicle.

When you get to the tire shop, you tell the manager which tires you want on your car. When the car rolls out you notice the brand name is the same as the one you wanted so you don’t think too much about it. But later you start to wonder so you double-check.

The brand name is the same, but you are the proud new owner of the least expensive tires the company makes – you paid for something much more expensive and naturally there’s no record of your original agreement on your receipt.

The Old Scare Tactic

There is a trick as old as the books when it comes to auto service. It’s called the scare tactic. You arrange for service and take it in. While you’re sitting in your seat waiting, the tech comes in to tell you how bad your shocks are. Or perhaps its your air filter that needs cleaning. Or perhaps your alignment is so far off you can’t even safely drive away.

Fortunately for you, the store you’re in is able to take care of this serious issue for you – for a mere $60. Or $100. Or $360.

Somehow you’re no longer paying $40 for a tire rotation, you’re paying $400 to handle every fake problem with your vehicle the company can think of to convince you to pay for.

Chances are if you look at your bill rather closely you may not even notice the extra changes as anything specific. This means that extra money can go into just about any pocket or account the shop manager or owner might want.

Does this happen all of the time? Of course not.

There are countless honest and reputable shops out there selling tires and other vehicle issues, but while every shop should be honest, the real responsibility falls to the vehicle owner – you.

The reviews and complaints about disreputable shops are out there. It only takes a few minutes to find them, and doing so can save you quite a bit of money and headache down the road.