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AMC Theaters - Food Police gone too far

The movies are a cultural tradition in the United States – everyone loves to go the theater. Unfortunately, there are times when things don’t go exactly according to plan, and what should be a pleasant outing turns ugly fast.

Concession Issues

It’s not a secret that theaters make most of their money from the concession stand. The ticket prices may be high, but buying a couple of drinks and popcorn can set you back even more, and it’s hard to see a movie without at least something to sip on!

Since the profits from concessions are so important, it’s not a huge surprise that the theater guards the right to bear food like nobody businesses.

Some theaters have an outright ban on outside food, which makes sense in one way, but can be frustrating in another. If you’re at the movie theater in the mall, for example, and you’ve just eaten dinner and have packaged leftovers, it’s something of a hassle to either walk the leftovers back to the car or face throwing them away just because you can’t have food in the movie.

On the flipside, sometimes you’re more than willing to buy items from the concession stand…if they had them available. The first show of the day may be perfect for you, but how can you enjoy it without coffee? Fortunately, coffee is on the menu at the theater. Unfortunately they never seem to have made the coffee in advance.

So you’re stuck either waiting for thirty minutes for a fresh cup or going without. There’s absolutely no way you’re bringing your own coffee into the theater! That would break the rules.

Moviegoer Woes

And then there are the friendly, helpful employees of the movie theater. There are often many genuinely pleasant employees to help you in the theater, but then there are always those who make a mistake from time to time.

For example, one theater in New York closed its doors to customers on one of the coldest days of the year. They weren’t closed permanently, but the customers were forced to wait outside right up until time for the show. When the weather is below freezing and you have a large, empty lobby out of the wind, it just doesn’t make sense to freeze out your customers – especially your elderly ones.

It’s sad how quickly one employee can ruin a perfectly good viewing experience. You’ve paid your money. You’ve bought your body weight in concessions. You sit down to enjoy your film and you hear someone at your elbow.

He wants to check your ticket. He thinks you and your family have snuck into the theater.

Why? Because you look like you did. Presumably because of your color or attire.

$100 invested in a great family outing.


It’s hard to walk away from that much money, but it’s certainly hard to sit through the film knowing you’ve been singled out because of your appearance.

Perhaps an apology from a manager would smooth the way, but you’ll have to fight for even that in some theaters.