Amerigas - Ran out of fuel

Amerigas - they will lie about the amount of gas they say u will get


The winter has been especially impressive this year. Subzero temperatures are becoming the norm rather than the exception in some areas, and even if your thermometer never dips below zero, you can be in big trouble pretty fast if you run out of the gas you need to run your heater.

Fortunately, you can buy propane for the winter in large quantities. The downside is that you don’t always get next day delivery, but in some cases you don’t even get next day delivery.

And that can be extremely dangerous.

Gas Heaters in the Winter

There are many different sources of fuel for heaters, and propane is one of them. Of course, propane isn’t just used to heat homes; it can also be used to fuel emergency generators, run heaters for livestock and many other necessary measures in extreme weather conditions.

With the extreme temperatures throughout the country, propane is facing a higher demand than ever and that means that it is getting harder to come by. The propane simply can’t make it to everyone when promised – and that is due to two separate problems.

The first is that the delivery date of the propane is being promised when it should not have been.

The second is that consumers aren’t properly planning ahead.

Complaining about Gas Delivery

You have every right to complain about your gas delivery if you’ve followed all of the rational steps to see it safely delivered to your door in a timely manner.

You also can complain quite righteously if you are certain that you’re looking at evidence of fraud – perhaps propane that was not delivered in full (but certainly billed that way.)

But you lose some of your high ground if you wait until your propane supply is very low before calling for a refill. You lose even more room on your soap box if you wait until the middle of one of the coldest winters we’ve had in decades to complain that your propane isn’t reaching you fast enough.

Let’s say that the cold weather caused you to miscalculate how much gas you were going to need this winter. You caught the problem when your tank was at about 10 percent. Since you were using gas so much more quickly than you had expected, you need a refill quickly, so you call the company.

The company promises you that the delivery truck will be there in the morning to top off the tank. Breathing a sigh of relief you wait until the morning only to find that the truck never arrives.

You call again. And again.

Finally you get through and the company tells you that you’ll see the truck today or tomorrow.

But still nothing.

Finally, ten days later the gas truck shows up. You get the gas that you need and continue to complain.

Winter Gas Responsibilities

You have every right to complain about the misleading delivery dates, especially since you acted in good faith.

But rather than just gnash your teeth and stew over the slow delivery of the gas, take some extra responsibility next time.

Be aware that winter is the peak season for propane and gas will be harder to get on demand.

Plan ahead and call when your tank is at 30 percent or 20 percent rather than waiting until it is almost out – especially if your home is situated in a landscape where freezing to death is a real possibility.

And as long as we’re talking about planning ahead, it may even be better to buy all of the propane you need once per year – in the summer. The summer delivery is smoother, the need less urgent and you may even get a nice break in pricing as well.