Nomorerack - Purchased Irola Tablet doesn't work.


Irola from Nomoreracks has never worked right

Irola tablet From Nomorerack

Who can resist the ads?

Tablets for less than $100!

Great steals on merchandise you can’t find anywhere else!

It’s not a surprise that people enjoy tremendous savings and the internet is the best place to make that happen. That is, of course, unless a deal winds up too good to be true.

Bad Deals Online

Of course there are countless stories about people buying items or signing up for things online only to find that they have signed up for way more than they ever expected. Billing scandals, fraud and other blatantly illegal activities are constantly being shut down by the government trying its hardest to look out for consumers.

But the worst deals are the ones that aren’t really fraudulent.

They aren’t illegal.

They are just rotten.

Let’s say you spot one of those terrific online deals for a discount tablet. You really want to take advantage of the deal and since it’s not a huge monetary commitment, you go ahead and place the order.

After all, the website is pretty credible and you’ve seen it everywhere on your favorite websites – decent websites wouldn’t advertise the company if it was something unscrupulous, right?

After waiting for quite a bit longer than you would normally with an online purchase, your new tablet arrives.

Rotten from the Start

At this point quite a few things could potentially be wrong.

You might be like one customer in a similar situation who opened up her shipping box to find that the tablet’s container had already been opened. The tab was broken and when she opened that box she discovered that the tablet was most definitely not new – it was scratched and smudged as if it had been used heavily and then resold.

You might wind up like another consumer who opened up her new tablet to find a small crack. Undaunted, the woman tried using the tablet only to realize that it simply wouldn’t work one day. No power. No resets. No updates. Nothing. Since the tablet was only a few days old, she started trying to contact customer service looking for a replacement or refund and never was able to touch base with anyone at the company.

Finally, you might be especially unlucky and wind up with a tablet that works for close to a month before crashing. Unfortunately, after a month of use you can’t do much about getting a refund. At this point you’re truly stuck with the rotten deal or you have to try and finagle a replacement from the manufacturer. Best of luck with that.

Shopping Well

It’s hard to say when you’re going to run into trouble with a deal that seems too good to be true.

How do you know when something is a great deal or when something is a waste? It can be next to impossible, but it’s always a good start to do a bit of research ahead of time. See what others are saying and stay well away from known issues – this is the beauty of reviews online.

And don’t be a bit surprised to find that some products these low-cost retailers are rotten and others are a gold-mine of value. Just like a rummage sale – there are low-cost treasures to find sitting alongside trash. The trick is finding where to put your hard-earned money.