Panera Bread Company - Inapproiate behavior by employee

Panera Bread Company - Got tiny half salads and was ignored by the cooks and corporate!

Panera Bread Company - I ordered a salad that was pictured in three posters in panera.. my order looked nothing like the advertised food.

When you go to a restaurant, particularly one that charges almost $10 for a grilled cheese, you expect to be treated with a bit of courtesy, and you also expect to get $10 worth of sandwich. Sometimes, however, your expectations are far from what reality actually presents.

Tiny Salads

Take for example one of the most popular menu items at a particular bread and salad restaurant. The customer, you, gets to pick a side salad and a sandwich as part of a combo. This combo doesn’t include a drink, but still costs an arm and a leg for a deli-style meal.

When you open your salad, you’d expect to find half of what’s in the normal entrée-sized portions. Perhaps even enough to fill a plate. What you don’t expect to find is about ten small pieces of lettuce three croutons and a bit of dressing in a small container. Ten pieces of lettuce doesn’t even constitute half of a side salad, much less half of an entrée portion.

You might feel indignant about this. You might even complain to the workers and ask them to throw a few more pieces of lettuce into your serving to make it look more like something you’d pay $5 - $6 for.

You’d be disappointed.

Apparently the servers are trained to offer only a tiny scraping of lettuce as a salad, and the bosses get angry if they give you any more than the ten pieces you were already offered.

Soon, you may even notice others have the same complaint as you.

The lady at the next table might be complaining viciously about her salad. She ordered what looked to be a large and varied spinach salad. The picture over the register showed it to be one thing, but what arrived in her bowl looked more like a dump of spinach leaves, a splash of dressing and a few fragments of walnuts.

You look over and notice she’s right. The advertised spinach salad was at least twice the size of this salad, and the spinach looks like something out of a horror movie – if spinach bled oily dressing. She mentions the condition of her salad to the servers and is told that they “never look like the pictures.”

Well, that’s generally true – everyone knows that – but this doesn’t even look like it came from the same planet as the picture. Her plan now is to call corporate and complain. If you met up with her two weeks later, you’d learn that absolutely nothing came of that either – the corporate offices never even felt the need to get in touch with a disappointed customer.

Questionable Service

There are plenty of restaurants who serve small portions in the name of experience or ambiance. While this salad and bread restaurant isn’t really one of them, you could at least write off your tiny salad portions as part of the experience if that wasn’t so bad in and of itself.

Having learned about the quality of the salads, the next time you visit the restaurant, you might ask for a veggie sandwich. But before you order, you’d like to have them remove any olives and onions. So you ask what seems like a natural question – what’s in the veggie sandwich?

The teenager taking your order thinks this is hilarious and so does her friend at the next register. She mocks you – did you just ask what was in a veggie sandwich? And laughs and laughs.

Horrified and embarrassed by the experience, you might decide to leave. And you’d be right. There’s no place for rude or mocking behaviors in any restaurant, especially not one that doesn’t respond to reasonable customer concerns in an appropriate fashion.