Safeway - shopping in the local store and saw some holiday plates on sale

Normally when you’re shopping at your local grocery store, you’re not worried about injury. Sure, you might pinch a finger or, if your young child is driving the cart, get rammed in the back of your ankles by the cart.

But run of the mill trips and scraps happen anywhere, and you don’t really think of serious injury happening on the way to the canned goods aisle.

But it can.

Let’s say you’re interested in some of the holiday merchandise in the store. You want to get a closer look at some of the plates that the store has on sale after the Christmas season has passed. Plates are pretty harmless, right? And they are one sale, so it’s a great deal.

Unfortunately for you, when you remove the first plate to get a closer look, the plates behind it are stacked like dominos on their edge. With the first removed, all of the other plates fall quickly behind it. Suddenly instead of standing in the aisle looking at a good deal on a plate, you’re standing in the midst of broken plates with painful injuries to your feet.

In-Store Assistance

If you’re especially lucky you might have an employee of the store come and check on you. She might help sweep up the mess and check to see that you’re doing okay after the accident. She might even grab your name and number to pass on to corporate in an injury report.

In pain and embarrassed about the mess, you quickly pay for your groceries and head out of the door, anxious to put your feet up. They are aching after being slammed with about two dozen plates.

Following Up

When you get home, you gently remove your shoes. It’s tougher than you thought because your feet are already starting to swell. Your toes look terrible. The nails are already turning black from the bleeding behind them and you’re worried your toes might be broken.

You decide to give it a day to see what happens next. After all you’re expecting the call from the corporate office of your grocery store soon after such a messy incident.

The next morning however, you haven’t received a phone call and you’re tired of waiting. Your toes are still swollen and you can barely walk thanks to the pressure and pain of your now totally black toenails. You decide to take yourself to the doctor to check and be sure that nothing is broken.

Fortunately nothing is broken this time, but you are going to lose your toenails, and there’s a risk of infection as well.

Two days later infection sets in and you’re back at the doctor.

The Corporate Response

Frustrated and still in pain, you give up waiting for the corporate offices to call you and you call them. They’ve never heard of you or your injury and they seem to excel in giving you the runaround. You can’t even finish a complete sentence!

Getting nowhere you give up on the call and settle in to think. There’s not much left to do now other than try to pester the store manager or corporate office to get help with your doctor’s bills or sue the company.

Sadly neither option is easy, and you shouldn’t have to deal with an injury this way. Yet sometimes bad things happen to good people and the company responsible can’t be bothered to do a thing about it.