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If there was every any doubt, infomercials exist to make the companies selling products money. Some companies respect their customers and actually work hard to please them with excellent customer service and reasonable plans.

Others, however, seem to be in it to make a buck any way that they can.

When you order a product through a television offer, there is always something out there that makes you feel as though you really are getting just what you want – plus some extra items you didn’t even realize that you needed! And all of it comes for some low price plus a bit of shipping and handling.

Of course, with this market plan there are plenty of places where an unscrupulous company can skim a few bucks off customers to increase their bottom line.

“One Low Shipping Rate”

When you’re told you just have to pay for shipping and handling, beware. Shipping and handling can often be twice, three or up to five times as much as it should be with online or television purchases. After all, you’re getting all of those free items and great bargains at a low price – the company has to make money somehow!

Why not make it off shipping when you’re already committed to the purchase?

Sometimes you don’t even realize that you’re about to be taken for a ride. Perhaps you order some new exercise items from a television infomercial. You wait excitedly for your new items – ready to take on the new year with a new fitness goal. But nothing arrives! There is no mail, no tracking number, no record of you ever placing the order.

While bummed perhaps, at least there’s no damage done. Until you open you credit card bill. There you have the charge for $81. $81 for a product that never even arrived at your home.

Simple solution – you can call and explain and get the money refunded.

Unfortunately, it’s never that simple. You get the purchase price of the item you never received refunded, but you don’t get that shipping and handling back. And just how much is shipping and handling on an imaginary package? About $20.

“Don’t Like? Return It!”

Easily one of the funniest lines in infomercials is the idea that you can try something out and then return it if you don’t like it. Often the fine print will tell you that you can’t return something once you’ve opened it.

So how do you try it and then return it? Apparently you have to try it by simply visualizing the product – not always a good idea.

But sometimes companies won’t even let you return brand new items that have never been opened or even removed from their shipping boxes. Companies can handle this in many different ways.

Perhaps you need to print the return form on the website. But the form won’t accept your email address. So it won’t print and you can’t return the package. It’s funny how one technical glitch can cause it to be impossible to return!

Or you do return an item only to never actually see the money returned to your credit card. The item definitely made it back, but your funds are still in limbo and they may stay there for quite a while. Perhaps forever.

Regardless, even if you get the refunded price of the item, you’ll never see hide or hair of that shipping and handling cost.

The bottom line here is simple: do your research and buy from companies with a favorable reputation, not one who tries to skim and cheat its customers.