Sony - Ps4 scratched 3 of my disks 1 of which was a brand new ps4 game

Sony - Both Xbox One And PS4 only worked for one week.

Sony - Useless and helpless customer service.

It’s exciting when a new game system comes out. Who wouldn’t want to rush right out and buy the hyped up system with accelerated graphics, amazing controls and all of the flashing bells and whistles? It’s easy to get swept up in the enthusiasm of commercials and friends who are all waiting for the new game.

The biggest issue, however, is that often the brand new system isn’t as great as you’d like it to be.

Oh sure, the graphics are amazing. The game play is out of this world. But there seem to be problems almost immediately.

Buying the New Game Systems

The biggest season to release new game systems is right before the holidays, of course, since they are huge holiday sales items. Many people wait years for these new systems to be released. They wait for news online and watch video reviews. They might even be part of the beta testing or see a prototype at a tech fair.

In short, these are die-hard enthusiasts.

This is great for the company, however, since a die-hard enthusiast can be counted on to hype the big new release and also to buy the latest and greatest games as they come out. With the new systems released just weeks before Christmas this year, there was certainly no disappointment from the companies looking for big sales.

There were, however, many disappointed customers.

Like most electronics, there is a large mark-up on the actual item. The more the company charges you for the new system, the more money they can make, of course. The opposite end of that same equation has to do with how much it costs to make the game system.

The less they spend on development, the more profit they make as well.

Sometimes, this comes back to bite them.

Faulty Game Systems

The most recently released game systems looked promising. They were supposed to be larger than life, and if you bought one you probably felt like it was. But if you were one of the very unlucky ones who bought a new system, you didn’t stay optimistic for long.

In just a week or two of playing, you probably ran into some trouble. Your game system might start loading slowly. You might notice that it hangs on to game discs for a very long time. It might even scratch the brand new games as it spits them back out at you.

Finally, the most unlucky of all customers, realize that one day the machine just stops working. That new game system that cost you hundreds of dollars is done. It’s the blue screen of death and there’s no bringing it back.

Naturally, you would then call customer service to resolve this issue. Nobody spends more than $400 on a new game system without expecting a decent response to a huge technical glitch.

But the company isn’t interested in hearing about problems.

In fact, you may even be told that you can’t do a thing about it. The company doesn’t take returns on opened products and you’re simply stuck.

Stuck with a dead game system and more than $100 in games and accessories that you can’t use any more.

It’s a problem that doesn’t have a simple solution.

One possibility is to simply wait for the company to work out the bugs and buy the product a few months in, once other customers have worked out all of the products for you.

This means you won’t be the first to have it, of course, but it’s better than wasting money.

The other option is to simply continue the joy of ownership early on, but be sure that you do so with the knowledge that buying new electronics early comes with certain risks. Usually the risk of your new purchase dying on you.