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The traditional world of publishing was easy to understand, even if it was hard to break into. You had to find someone to take your manuscript, and you found yourself sending off dozens of copies, waiting around and getting nothing but rejections in response. Occasionally you heard about someone who broke through the magic barrier, and that was enough to keep you going.

But the world of publishing has gotten even more exclusive than ever before. It’s harder than ever to get noticed, and even if you do, you’re all but throwing away the majority of your potential profits to companies representing you.

For these reasons, many people now look to self-publish their own books.

The World of Self-Publishing

It works something like this. You write a book. You sign up with a self-publisher, and your book is then taken through the editing, revision and then binding process. A cover is created and finally your books are sent to you.

You pay for all of your books outright and at the end of the contract your have your books in hand and it’s up to you to actually sell the books yourself. Of course, that’s the trick of it. What do you do with 200 books in your garage? You find ways to sell them!

There are distinct advantages with self-publishing – being in control of your material, being able to pocket all of the profits and not having to jump through publisher hoops are the biggest ones, of course. But there are drawbacks as well.

The most obvious drawback is the amount of work that must go into marketing and finding individuals ready and willing to pay premium prices for your books in the first place. Even if you sell your books at cost, you still have to recoup a few thousand dollars it took for you to print them in the first place.

The other major drawback is the potential for fraud.

Fraud with Self-Publishing

While there are many reputable and respectable self-publishing outfits in the world, there are just as many fraudulent or at least shady practices. After all, this is a new area where often inexperienced consumers are all but ripe for the picking.

Be wary of publishers who seem to have all of the solutions or who try to force their way on things. This is generally not the sort of thing you want as a self-publisher. Yes, you’ll have questions as you go along, but since you’re self-publishing, you should be rushed into printing or told that you have to skip a step of editing.

The most important step in this emerging industry is to do your research. Before you pay thousands of dollars for a company to produce something for you, look through critical eyes at what the company might be seeing. They just need to sell you on the dream of a printed book.

Once they get your deposit, they can rush the process and send back junk and demand final payment. If you pay upfront, you have almost no recourse to getting your money back if something goes wrong, and many times they do go very wrong.

Do your research. Check for reviews. Look for both success stories and stories where things didn’t go well. No company is perfect, but if you’re seeing page after page of complaints, you should know that this isn’t the company for you. Move on and find a more reputable establishment to work with. After all, this is your creation. It’s worth the effort to find a great printer.