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Jewelry is supposed to be charming - especially custom items that are designed to specifically suit your tastes and life experiences. This is the message from at least one custom jewelry company. This company specializes in bringing the experience of designing jewelry to their customers through a reseller program.

Creating Custom Jewelry

The “designers” host parties or events through the company’s website and they collect orders on behalf of their friends and customers. The jewelry they are selling is then created and shipped directly to the customer, ensuring that the customer gets the beautiful pieces she was seeking and that they are special and customizable to boot! It’s a terrific idea, but sadly it doesn’t always translate into solid business practices.

There are two issues that customers and designers are facing with the idea of charming custom jewelry. The first is simple that the jewelry isn’t getting designed for customers. When you pay more than $100 for a locket complete with special, symbolic charms, you’d expect the locket to make it past the first few weeks of wear at least.

The same can be said for other pieces. Ordering custom jewelry should be a joyful process and one that you understand completely. When you receive a piece that looks as though a child could have put it together or perhaps that it came from a slapped together dollar store kit, you’re understandable upset about it.

This is made worse, of course, but the poor quality of customer service you’re likely to experience.

Faulty Customer Service

The trouble returning things and getting straight answers from customer service is not just a problem for customers, unfortunately. Jewelry and other companies in this sort of business rely on others to sell their products to their friends and family. This means they need to keep their resellers happy at least.

Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be the case.

When a would-be designer contacted the jewelry company initially, she was excited about the possibilities. Once she realized that the quality of the products she’d be creating wasn’t nearly as high as expected, she changed her mind. Fortunately, she had everything and simply called customer service to arrange a refund.

After a go around, she was told she could return the kit without a problem, then that she couldn’t get a refund. Then she was told again that she would get her $200 back only to later hear through a note that the customer service department had changed their mind and she was now out of money. Worst of all, the products that had now traveled through times through the mail were broken and in even worse condition than before.

It’s not just the designers, of course, with reason to complain. When you’re the customer you would likely run into trouble as well. Trying to return broken or cheap merchandise is almost impossible. Just getting someone to answer the phone is tricky enough.

You’re likely to run into any number of problems. You might be stuck with faulty products, you might be out hours of time while you waited around for someone to answer the phone.

And if you’re really unlucky, you may also be out money as it can be tricky to stop repeated billing for designers on the website. In fact, things have gotten so bad for many of the sellers, they are threatening legal action against the company! That’s never a good sign for the company or its would-be customers.