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Fred Loya Insurance - WORST COMPANY EVER!!

When you buy car insurance, your greatest hope is that you won’t have to use it. But sometimes you just can’t help it – they are called car accidents after all. When you’re in a wreck or someone causes an accident, you’re just relieved that you have your insurance plan at all. After all, you’re paying insurance to cover you in case of an accident. So now what?

The Rules of a Car Accident

Generally speaking, you know that you need insurance, but you may not be sure what to do after some jerk smashes into the back of your car. The steps that follow the accident are usually pretty simple. You exchange insurance information with the other person involved and note their information and car’s information.

Then you simply call your insurance agent to let them know that there was an accident and give them the necessary information. Your insurance company will let you know what to do next, naturally, since that is what you’re paying for. Normally these next steps include taking your car to a particular body shop for repairs, potentially renting a car to help cover any gaps you have without a car and paying for the repairs necessary after you cover your deductible.

Of course your plans for insurance are simple enough –provided your company is actually interested in helping its clients.

The Truth about Cheap Insurance

The way this actually works is a bit more complicated. The insurance company is in this business to make money, not offer helping hands. When you get in a wreck, even if it’s not your fault, you just cost the insurance company quite a bit of money – especially if the wreck is bad.

Having people racing to your aid at any time of the day or night is expensive, too. In fact, anything to do with actually helping you after a wreck costs your insurance company money, so they may not be very willing to do much about your troubles if it’s too much trouble for them.

After all, you’re paying the bottom price, so why should you expect more than just a minimum amount of information and services?

The insurance company that billed itself as “affordable” just became more hassle than it’s worth.

Your troubles can start innocently enough. You’re on hold for a long time.

Then you have trouble getting someone on the phone at all.

Once you get information in to your agent, you never see the check come in the mail so you start calling. And calling some more. You might eventually get funds, but it won’t be promptly.

Perhaps you take your car to the shop required by the company, and then the insurance company “forgets” to pay their portion of the bill.

Now you have no car and you’re trapped by the reluctance of the company. This gets even worse if the company stops paying for your rental car before they decide to release your newly repaired vehicle.

Of course the worst problem of all is when you’re the other guy. If you are hit by someone with cheap insurance, good luck getting a payment from them! They are experts at ignoring their own paying customers, why would they bother picking up the phone to help someone else?

Your only hope now would be that you paid up one a more superior policy, and that quality insurance company is ready to go out for blood – on your behalf.