Planet Fitness - Dress Code that DISCRIMINATES

Planet Fitness drops Fox News for MSNBC

When you buy a membership somewhere you expect it to come with some perks and perhaps some drawbacks. After all, you’re not the one actually running the health club, so you might have to just go along with a few things you don’t agree with. But when those little rules become big problems, it’s time to acknowledge that sometimes those small things are a huge deal indeed.

Hair Bands…Denied?

For example, there is a health club that has flat-out denied hair bands and bandanas in their business chain. The principle of the decision is that wearing a bandana might signal gang activity within the club and to prevent any patrons from feeling threatened, certain types of headgear are not allowed.

One woman found this out the hard way, however, when she visited her gym. She had paid her fees and was prepared to workout. As a woman with a great deal of hair, she decided it would be best to pull her hair back under a floral head wrap to prevent sweaty hair from sticking to her face and neck.

Unfortunately for her, she was told that she was not able to wear the head wrap, despite the fact that it was very feminine and designed for this specific purpose. It simply broke the rules. She questioned the staff about the rule – why could men wear tight hats to lift weights but she couldn’t wear a girly headwrap? It certainly wasn’t a bandana.

The staff member was never able to give her a satisfactory response. The woman has since filed a complaint about the rule and its interpretation. Only time will tell how it all shakes out. But you have to feel for the woman – even if you don’t have a huge head of hair, a headband is a great way to keep sweat out of your eyes. What would you do if your fitness club told you to take it off due to your potential gang affiliation?

Changing Stations

One of the perks of fitness clubs is that you can get caught up on your news while you’re on the stair climber or treadmill. Even if you’re just reading the captions, you can follow some news stories so that you feel informed as you start your day.

It’s interesting to note that we have a wide range of news programs and not many of them hit the center of the potential political spectrum. While a few stations are very conservative, others are very blatantly liberal. This is not news.

What is news, however, is when a corporate headquarters decides to remove access to one news station and replace it with one from the opposite side of the spectrum. Who needs to watch ultra-conservative news when you can enjoy a much more liberal bias?

It’s impossible to say which news station is right or wrong – that is a matter of hotly debated opinion – but what is obvious is that a gym is playing politics, and that certainly can rub its patrons the wrong way.

That’s assuming they were conservative, of course. If they happen to be very liberal, they will enjoy the new programing! But if you are in the middle of the political spectrum you can appreciate that a club trying to appeal to a wide range of patrons would probably have both channels available.

For some, an obvious corporate bias is enough to cancel a membership. But that, of course, is a personal decision.