Purebred Breeders - Great puppy, totally misrepresented!

Purebred Breeders - Sick puppy

Purebred Breeders - Sick Bulldog

Buying a new puppy can be a daunting experience. How do you know how the animal has been treated? Has it really had all of its shots? And most of all, how much is this going to cost me?

As a society we buy things on the internet all of the time. Clothes, movies, jewelry and electronics are easy to come by and you can get a pretty good deal most of the time as well. But what about buying an animal online? Does that even work?

Apparently it does.

Pure-bred Dogs

When you’re looking for a full-bred animal, you have to be especially mindful of its home life and parentage. This is especially true if you’re hoping to enter any competitions or such down the road with your animal.

Of course a lot more than just genes and breeding go into the selection of your new pet. Each breed and each animal has its own characteristics and features, and buying a pure-bred animal helps you to know at least a little bit about what you can expect from your animal.

Of course, that’s assuming you actually get what you’ve ordered when you arrange to buy a new puppy sight-unseen.

Buying Puppies Online

There is always a risk when you buy anything online. The main purchasing decision isn’t just price, but also the reputation of the seller. If someone has terrible reviews or known issues, you simply buy from a different vendor.

But how does this fit with the online puppy-buying model? How do you know if you are working with a decent company or not?

You don’t.

Even when you’re arranging to buy an animal through a company that claims to check out breeders and maintain proper standards, you’re still going by the word of others. It’s a decision that revolves around faith and trust, and sadly sometimes that trust is misplaced.

Let’s say you buy a puppy online. Often full-bred animals sell for upwards of one thousand dollars. The financial transaction is complete and your puppy is going to be sent to you by way of the airport. You are thrilled. Since you’re paying such big bucks, you asked the sellers to be sure that they housebroke the puppy before it was sent.

Seems reasonable, right?

Apparently not.

Animal Fraud

If you’re at all like one family, when your new puppy arrives, he is certainly not housebroken. In fact, it’s as if he’s never seen more than one person in his life. He also is terrified or grass, dew and leashes. The poor little guy can’t even jump up on the door to let you know his needs – he can’t jump at all.

It all adds up to a puppy that was kept in a small crate throughout his short life. No training, no gentle care, no truth in the transaction. Fortunately the puppy is still adorable and loveable and the family in question loves his just the same, but found the experience of buying a dog online dissatisfying.

Sadly they aren’t the only ones who have run into similar trouble. Some families have purchased new pets who quickly died of mysterious causes or who were filthy and missing important shots. It seems that when you arrange to buy a pet – whether online or off – due diligence on the sellers can certainly pay off.