Stalked by a Supervisor at Target Schaumburg, IL!

Target - Refused to return an item

Target - Supposedly cannot return items for the price they were bought at

If a large chain of superstores look the same and hold the same merchandise, you’d expect them to have reasonably similar policies. But sadly there are times when policies can vary wildly between stores or even between store managers and it’s the customers who are left confused and frustrated.

Coupons and Limits

Take, for example, the idea of coupons. Sure there are those individuals out there who do extreme couponing and that can be a hassle for the store – who really keeps 800 boxes of cereal in the back? But when a customer tries to use a coupon legitimately, you might just find yourself in a sticky situation you didn’t do anything to create.

Perhaps you’ve gone to visit your ailing mother and you need to do a bit of shopping for yourself and your mom. You happen to have multiple coupons for the same specialty toothbrush and this is a great time to put those coupons to use. The store has the toothbrushes on sale and with your coupon, you’ll be saving almost half on a $20 toothbrush. Not a bad deal.

This was the case for one lady who went shopping in her mother’s local retail superstore. She had four coupons and needed four toothbrushes – two for her household and two for her mother’s. When she showed up at the store, she grabbed the toothbrushes and a few more items then got in line to pay.

The employee at the checkout line acted as though she had never seen a coupon before in her life. She read the coupons, looked at the back of the coupons and then finally called the manager over to ask about using four coupons on four distinct items. The manager took one look and declared that the woman couldn’t use all of her coupons and actually grabbed two of the toothbrushes and refused to sell them to her. Who refuses the sale of a toothbrush?

This woman was frustrated not only by the actions of the manager, but with the knowledge that she routinely uses twenty or more coupons at her own store just an hour away.

Messy Returns

The stickiest area for this major retailer however isn’t toothbrushes – although that shouldn’t be particularly surprising. Instead, the return policy for this particular store causes endless amounts of grief. You must have a receipt for your item or you may not be able to return it at all.

If you, for example, bought a $60 video game last week, it seems reasonable that you can take your $60 game back to the store and exchange it for a different game of equal value. But without a receipt the manager can refuse your return. She can also refuse to let you exchange the item or even give you back considerably less than the item was sold for last week if it happens to be on sale today.

The best solution, of course, is to hang on to your receipt, but if it lost somehow, it may be best that you simple hang on to whatever it was you bought. If you try to take it back to the store you may find that you’re walking away with a fraction of its value or perhaps you’ll find you’ve wasted your time completely be even attempting the return.

Sometimes it’s simple a return or nothing – and it’s totally up to the store manager. Of course, if you can’t return or exchange an item in one store, it may be worthwhile to drive up the road a bit and try the next store. You may have absolutely no problem with returns there. It’s really just a crapshoot.