DISH NETWORK - DISH charged me innaccurate fee & Cap One helped them get funds illegally

Dish network making money out of early termination fee

DISH NETWORK - Dissatisfied Customer

There are many television cable and satellite providers, but none are perfect. Usually this works in your favor as you can pit one company against each other and jump from one to the other in order to get the best deal possible. But sometimes a simple phone call isn’t enough. There are times that entertainment options get so sticky you have to truly fight your way to a real solution.

Read the Fine Print

To get the most bang for your entertainment buck, you’re going to have to read just about everything they send you – especially if they have a contract for the service. By simply signing on the dotted line, you are likely signing on to pay extra fees for things like moving and termination, and you may not be prepared for some of the requirements the company can make.

For example, if you move into a new apartment and sign a six month lease, and then arrange for a new satellite company with a twelve month contract, you might get hit twice. You’ll have to move your equipment first, and then if your new apartment isn’t working correctly with the satellite you may need to simply terminate your contract.

Unfortunately, if you signed up for an expensive contract that included a termination charge, you’re now paying through the nose for a service you’re no longer using. And as angry as it makes you, you did technically sign up for that fee and agree to it by signing. You have nobody to blame but yourself.

Company Rip-Offs

Of course that doesn’t mean that the satellite company gets off scot free on all charges. Indeed, they can easily be just as much at fault as customers who forget to read a contract before signing it. But unlike the customer who might just miss a page of reading, the company who illegally takes funds from clients is a completely different scenario.

Watch your bill from all service providers. You should be receiving a bill that reflects what you signed up for when you signed that contract in the first place. Unless you’re ordering a lot of special features, this means that the amount you’re being charged each month should easily reflect the amount you signed up for.

What should you do, however, when you start to notice unusual charges on your bill? The best thing to do is stay on top of the billing so that you can place an immediate call to the satellite company. If you have the payment set up to go out automatically through your credit card, however, you need to be even more diligent.

When you notice a payment that’s already gone through there isn’t much you can do. But, if you aren’t able to get a good answer from the satellite cable company, you do have the option to freeze your credit card account or block the payment. This can be difficult, but it does provide a layer of protection.

Of course the best protection of all is to refuse to turn over any billing to outside companies at all. Have the bill sent directly to you and be sure that you approve of the charges before you send the payment electronically. At the end of the day, if you get a billing statement you don’t agree with, you can simply refuse to pay until the situation is resolved in your favor. You won’t have the same level of power if the company is taking funds from your bank account or credit card, however.