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AE Factory Service - Two mornings off work and rude phone center rep

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Nobody likes to take off work to wait around on a service technician. Who wants to be trapped in the house for hours upon hours waiting on a solution while you skip a paycheck or give up a valuable day off?

Yet we sit. And we wait. And wait. And sometimes keep on waiting.

There is a lot to be said for excellent service technicians. Some individuals are right on top of their game. They call to let you know when to expect them, you plan to meet them and they show up right on time. Once in your home, they fix the problem, and you pay gladly because you are pleased that they did such a great job.

Of course, this is the ideal situation and is certainly not the case every time you need something repaired.

Repair Scheduling Nightmare

Sadly with some companies, simply getting the work scheduled is enough to give you a headache. Your washing machine freezes. You try everything you can and then you call about the warranty you should have on the machine. After all, the solution should be simple – call out the warranty repairman and take care of the problem.

Unfortunately you have clothing in the washer and you can’t get the machine door to open, but surely the repairman will be out tomorrow and you can get it all taken care of.

You place the call to the service company and you’re put on hold. Nothing new there, at least. Finally you get a person on the line. She assures you that your machine can be fixed. Relieved you request a repairman for the following day.

The scheduler practically laughs at you. There are no appointments tomorrow. Or the next day. Or next week for that matter. You will have to wait two weeks to get a service technician out to fix what she assured you was a fixable problem.

You press for a closer day and she snaps back. The polite lady is no longer polite. She is downright rude and tells you that you’re lucky to even get an appointment before the holidays. Finally, you accept the appointment – your machine is under warranty, after all, and the options here are limited.

What Repairs?

Fourteen days later it’s time for your repairs. You arrange to take the day off work so that you’re home waiting for the repair man.

He doesn’t call.

You wait a bit more.

No word from the tech to tell you he’s on his way.

Finally, out of sheer frustration you call the scheduler back to be sure that he’s coming. Fortunately you get another lady on the phone. Unfortunately she is just as rude as the first one.

Your technician is coming – you are told to be patient. Finally, just an hour or so before dinner (and about the time you would have been home from work anyhow), the tech shows up.

He walks into the laundry room, takes a quick glance at your stackable washer and dryer and sighs. Apparently it’s your fault that you have stackable units and he won’t even touch them until he has a partner with him.

Whether this is a policy or not, you don’t know. But what you do know is that you have clothes trapped in the washer mildewing and you would like for the tech to at least take a look at the problem.

But no.

As the tech leaves, he tells you that he will only be able to look at the washing machine with another tech present. You need to call and schedule another appointment.

Seething, you call and tell the rep you need an appointment right away.

Right away? Try one week away.

And you’re right back where you started – sick with frustration.