Best Buy - I bought a computer 3 weeks ago, and it is full of problems

a tale: my recent experiences with Best Buy

Best Buy - Stole my money and never delivered item.

There are some stores that are having trouble making the numbers work. Recently one large electronics store in particular has had to cut costs significantly to simply stay afloat in the industry and unfortunately, that means that the customers of that store have had to make a few cuts of their own. Chief among them? There has been a drastic cut in the quality of customer service.

Overworked, Undertrained

When you visit a technology retailer, you come in the store with certain expectations. These are the individuals who should be knowledgeable about what they are selling. They should know the ins and outs of the merchandise as well as some basic items – like how to work the cash register, for example.

So what do you, the customer, do when you visit a specialty retailer like this and realize you can’t actually rely on the customer service or salespeople running around? Normally you’d be angry that you can’t depend on the store for even basic service. But then, if you watch just a bit longer, you might not feel so angry.

You’d feel sad for the people that are trying so hard to keep it together.

It seems that when a large technology store must make cuts, they simply cut their training and personnel. So now instead of being able to ask a knowledgeable associate about a new television or cell phone, you have to first wander the store for a bit to even find someone who works there.

The Chaos of Technology Retail

Once an employee has been spotted, you’ll quickly realize why you couldn’t find him or her previously. The poor kid is inundated with other customers all trying to get answers or products. The frazzled employee is starting to help one person, being interrupted and trying to help the next only to forget about the first one again.

Is it any wonder that after patiently waiting for your turn with the lonely associate you can’t stay mad at this youngster with the dazed expression – he’s obviously in a stupor from trying to do so much for so many people with so little training.

Go ahead and ask your question. Is it technical? The poor kid probably hasn’t been trained on that and doesn’t know what to do. Want to do a return or a complicated transaction? Nope. The kid doesn’t know that either. Call a manager? Good luck with that. Managers cost the store even more than confused kids do, so you’d be lucky to find one in the store at all it seems, much less find one available to help customers.

Terrible Customer Service Reviews

This technology retailer is supposed to be turning things around. But it’s hard to see how that is going to happen when customers are leaving empty-handed, frustrated and saddened by the state of customer service in what should be a technology staple.

Products are being sold incorrectly. Warranties are being skipped. Orders are simply not showing up to be delivered and customers are left holding the bag. Think you’ll skip the mess and just order online? It’s even worse there – despite (or perhaps because of) the website’s promise to have items ready at the store for pick up.
It’s fair for customers to complain. This is obviously a terrible situation that needs a remedy. But while complaining, remember what these electronic retail stores once were and consider where they are going. Pretty soon they may be gone altogether and that would certainly be a loss.