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Havertys Furniture - Bad Delivery, Bad quality

Havertys Furniture - Cheap Quality Bed

Furniture is expensive. But what is most interesting about furniture is just how much the price range can vary on a particular furniture item. Take, for example, a chair. You can buy a wooden chair from a big box store for less than $100. Then, you can walk next door into a high-end furniture store and pay more than $500.

Granted, this isn’t the same exact chair you’re buying, but what is the difference? What makes a difference of $400? The short answer is quality. When you buy furniture from a premium or custom furniture store, you’re paying for the high quality of the materials and the craftsmanship. After all, a chair that can last for three hundred years should cost more than one that will rock and wiggle in less than three months.

Getting Less for More

But how can you tell if furniture is actually the high end piece that you think you’re paying for? It can actually be pretty challenging to figure out. Generally speaking, high quality furniture pieces are heavy and you can tell the quality of the workmanship in the joints and the finish of the product.

But you’d have to know quite a bit about furniture to be able to look for dove-tailed joins and solid wood versus wood veneer. It is important to note, however, that furniture should not cost more just because it is in a fancy furniture shop or because it looks pretty. Every store looking to make you pay thousands is going to be sure that the goods look pretty, after all!

Making the Best Choices in Furniture

If you’re going to buy furniture, do your research. There are some companies that have a reputation that spans back centuries for high-quality workmanship and materials. Then there are other companies who buy inexpensive pieces, present them in the show room and sell them to customers at a premium.

Often the customer is left holding the bag when that expensive furniture begins to really show its nature. Perhaps the sofa cushions start to crack or the upholstery pills after just a few months of use. The bed frame may fall apart or the quality issues may even start before you get the furniture out of the box. How can you assemble a new bed frame when one side is shorter than the other?

A certain amount of trust goes into furniture purchases. It’s not easy to send a large sofa back if you decide you don’t like the finish on the wood. When you are in the showroom, really look at the quality and manufacture of the pieces you’re considering.

Check for the thickness of the wood and even consider crawling under and behind large pieces to find out more about the manufacture. Look for how well the furniture in the showroom is standing up to abuse. If the sofa material is cracking or looks terrible on the showroom floor, how is going to stand up to the test of time in your home for thirty years?

Of course it should be said. If you’re looking for high quality furniture, expect to pay high quality prices. If you’re not convinced of the quality of the pieces you’re examining, and you don’t really plan to keep that chair forever, why not spend less and get what you need for now? You don’t need to pay premium prices for cheap furniture. There are plenty of places you can buy it for less.