Snap Fitness - Still Charged Fees after Cancelled Membership

Snap Fitness - contract was up in june and they over drafted my account october the 1st.

Credit cards are designed to make life simpler. Instead of having to carry cash or write checks, you can now simply swipe a card and immediately pay for whatever it is that you’d like to buy. Of course, you can make things even simpler than this, however, if you just give a business your credit card number and they will take care of those pesky payments for you.

If it makes you nervous turning over your credit card for future billing, you’re right to be at least a little bit concerned. While the vast majority of businesses are honest and handle your billing information with care, there are those out there who might take it upon themselves to abuse your faith in them.

False Charges on Your Credit Card

Let’s imagine you opened a new membership at a gym. You’re ready to get in shape and get fit. You are told that the best way to reduce your monthly membership fee is to sign up for automatic billing. Once you sign up, the monthly fee will be charged to your credit card and you don’t have to worry about a thing except showing up for a bit of yoga and free weights.

All is well for a while, and you enjoy the convenience of not having to write a check or even bring your wallet into the locker room. Then one day you stop going to the gym. Life gets in the way, you lose energy, you don’t like it anymore. Whatever.

You call the manager or the gym owner and tell her that you’re going to have to cancel your membership. She says that she understands and will cancel that membership right away. Then, a few weeks later, your credit card bill arrives. You were changed for membership a month after you cancelled.

Avoiding Hassles with Credit Cards

You call and leave a message. You call again and leave a message. You finally get the manager back on the phone and you’re told she will fix it right away. She doesn’t. You resume calling and leaving messages until finally you head up the gym to get this matter resolved.

At some point you’re likely to get things figured out, but in the meantime you may have been charged for an extra month or two of membership. On your side of things, you may be sol relieved to finally stop getting charged that you don’t pursue those funds that were taken over the last couple of months.

Of course, this is exactly what the manager wants you to do. If you walk away, she is now up two extra months of payments from you. If you don’t monitor your credit card statement, she could easily get away with charging you for six months or more of membership you haven’t been using.

It begs the question – what can you do to avoid this scenario?

The first thing to do is check for the reputation of the establishment. Have other customers complained about false charges online? The next thing to do is consider which card number you’re turning over. It might be worthwhile to use a card that you monitor closely like your debit card so that you’re on top of the payment immediately.

Finally, when you decide to cancel your membership, be vigilant about statements and be ready to do a charge back on your card should false charges occur. Keep that cancellation paperwork handy as it provides your absolute best defense.