Jimmy Johns - Poor Customer Service

Jimmy Johns - Several Bad Experiences

Jimmy Johns - One hour late delivery!!!!! 2 times in a row.!

Normally when you visit a specialty sandwich shop you can expect two things – friendly customer service and a pretty decent sandwich. Unfortunately, there are times when you seem to get neither.

Sandwiches are a staple lunch item. Hearty and filling or light and delicious, you can find something for everyone when you order sandwiches for lunch. Of course, you make certain assumptions when you’re placing the order.

You assume the sandwiches will be made to order.

You assume the sandwiches will be delivered in a timely manner.

You assume the people working at the sandwich shop are interested in your business.

All fair assumptions, and sometimes they are all so completely wrong.

Misguided Employees

Sometimes problems belong to individuals, sometimes to store and sometimes there is simply something wrong with the full culture of a business. When you walk into different versions of the same restaurant and meet with the same scenario over and over again, it’s not just the person. It’s a problem with the business and the way it trains employees.

Take for example the ingredients of a sandwich. You ask for an extra ingredient. Most sandwich places would tell you okay or ask you to pay a small upcharge. But one sandwich shop just tells you no. Flat out no.

A different location pulls a similar stunt every time you order. You order something simple? They guy on the phone is surly. You walk in to place your order and you get eye rolls and attitude about making something that is found directly on the menu. It’s as if the employees can’t be bothered to help you – and that’s their job.

Poor Food Quality

It would all be worth it if it was just surly employees. After all, some restaurants thrive despite (or because of) surly employees. But not small time sandwich spots. If you’re serving a five course meal you can get away with being snooty.

If you’re serving turkey on wheat, you’re expected to be friendly and put together a decent sandwich.

If you’re rude while taking the order for the sandwich, the least you can do is make a pretty good sandwich to make up for it. But often the employees in these stores fail on multiple counts.

They are rude and then they make a bad sandwich. Stale bread. Cold meats. Skimpy condiments. Missing items. Yuck.

Faulty Fast Delivery

Well, you might rationalize, even if the sandwich is subpar, at least it will be delivered on time! The shop does specialize in delivering the sandwiches to businesses and such.

Good plan! Until the delivery guy is fifteen, thirty or perhaps even a full sixty minutes late. Surely it was just a mistake. Nobody can be an hour late twice, right?


For some stores the management and the delivery staff don’t seem to be able to work in sync. And you’re the one who gets the bad end of the deal.

You wanted lunch. You got a rude teenager on the phone to deal with. You got a cold, stale sandwich without any of the good stuff and finally – to add insult to injury – you didn’t even get your sandwiches in time for the lunch meeting.

Way to go, sandwich shop. Don’t be expecting repeat business.