Costco - Bunch of Bullies at a filthy store / UPS Incomplete Home Delivery

We all know that some warehouse stores are considered perhaps a bit better than others.

While one might have a negative connotation, the other is preferred because it has a better wine selection or perhaps simply a more upscale clientele.

But clientele aside, sometimes the classiest of warehouses can be just what it really is – a warehouse filled with goods which are designed to be sold at the lowest possible price. And to get the lowest possible price inside that warehouse, you have to be willing to do two things.

Buying in Bulk

The first is to buy tremendous numbers of whatever item it is you’re looking for.

Need grapes? Buy five pounds.

Want a cake? Only a full sheet will do!

This is all well and good for most people, and rarely people complain about having to buy in bulk in a warehouse store – it’s just the way it works.

But there is a common complaint that stems from a warehouse that you would think might be treated more like the bulk issue. It’s simply a fact of life when you’re shopping somewhere that cuts costs as closely as possible to maximize margins.

You’re going to lose some customer service.

The Lack of Customer Service

While you will perhaps meet some exceedingly nice and helpful people, you must always keep in mind that when you’re literally shopping at the lowest price possible, the people working with you are likely being paid the smallest price possible as well. Otherwise the products might cost more.

Those who are willing to work for less than they are probably worth are either working for a reason other than supporting a family or they are simply the only ones the store could find willing to work for that particular wage. This means your customer service experience is going to be hit or miss.

You might ask for help and get the friendly young man who is just paying his way through school. He is friendly and helpful.

Or you might arrive and ask for help and find the surely girl who has been fired from a few jobs before this one and doesn’t care a hoot about your customer service experience.

Sadly this isn’t true just with the floor workers, but with the management as well. You’ll find those who sincerely enjoy their jobs alongside those who think they are above the job they are doing and can’t be bothered to work with you on even a simple issue.

Finding a Customer Service Solution

Let’s say you need to use the restroom in this nice warehouse store. What are you to do when you realize there is no toilet paper in the room and the room itself hasn’t been cleaned in quite some time?

Why not alert an employee to the situation? Surely this classy establishment will want to at least put a clean face forward!

But the employee doesn’t care. In fact, she tells you that the restroom is always like that. Just deal with it. And she walks away.

Determined to have toilet paper available, you track down the manager on duty and kindly let her know about the bathroom issue.

She stares at you briefly, tells you she’ll definitely look into it and walks away. She does nothing about it.

You’re in a bind with no toilet paper.

Now if you’re a polite customer, you might just make do or go on home to use that bathroom.

But if you really want to help this classy warehouse be classy, why not show them just how easy it is to stock a bathroom with toilet paper? Grab that package of 96 rolls of deluxe ultra-soft and take it with you into the store bathroom.

They may not care that there is no cheap paper for client use, but they will probably care a great deal when you take the matters of missing toilet paper into your hands.