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Every year there seems to be a new toy of the season. Not long ago it was adorable little pillows in the shape of animals. The pillows would fold up to look like animals, but when you removed the Velcro strap, the stuffed creation would expand into a full pillow.

Naturally you couldn’t buy one of these pillow animals for less than thirty dollars. Hot toys demand hot prices, after all, and the more popular a toy becomes, the more the price seems to go up. Such was the case with the stuffed animals.

Quality Tests with Hot Toys

Of course price has far less to do with quality than it does with desirability. The stuffed animal may be adorable, but it probably cost only a few dollars to make. But pricing the toy much higher means they will be more sought after and exclusive, while still affordable enough to be realistic.

That doesn’t mean, however, that everything you buy is poorly made. There are some extremely high quality items out there in the toy section of stores. Look carefully at some of the toys and you’ll be impressed with how well they can stand up over time. Of course, the toy right next store may be already falling apart in the case.

It’s very hit and miss.

In the case of these friendly pillow animals you’ll find that there was much more of a miss than a hit. Seams are ripping and despite being intensely popular sometimes you can’t seem to find the popular pets in stores or even online when you try to order.

Speaking of ordering online, that’s an entirely different area of concern for a lot of people.

Unprofessional Website

For a product as popular as these friendly animal pillows, you’d expect there to be a website full of spit and polish. The site should be easy to use, comfortable for visitors and excellent and helping customers find their way to the “Buy Now” button.

This is one case where this simply isn’t the case, however.

The online toy website looks less like a reputable toy seller and more like a slap shod website developed for shady deals. Go through the buying process and you’ll be sent a generic email.

No letterhead.

No address.

No logo.

It looks suspicious and perhaps it is with good reason.

Once you agree to purchase one of the pillow animals, you allow the site to charge your credit card. Sadly, in the case of these pillow animals, more than once, the animals have wound up costing customers considerably more than they expected.

Credit cards were over charged and when the irritated customer tries to call and sort out the issue, don’t expect much from customer service.

You might be ignored. You might be told half-truths. You might just be hung up on.

At the end of the day you are the irritated owner of an adorable stuffed animal shaped like a pillow. Your kid is thrilled to have the latest toy but you’re stressed and irritated by the experience.

It’s hard to believe a stuffed turtle could possibly be worth all of the headaches.