Rent A Center - ***, rude drivers / employees

Rent A Center - Not delivering on time

It should be simple. You make timely payments on furniture. You get the furniture for as long as you’re making payments. Since you’re renting the furniture you return it when you need to and move on.


Or not.

The biggest problems with the furniture rental philosophy is that there are so many areas where corners can be cut and communication can break down.

Furniture Delivery Nightmares

For example, you might check out the showroom and decide a particular sofa is well suited for your apartment. You put your money down, get your delivery date scheduled and then wait for your new furniture.

The company doesn’t show. You call again for delivery and learn it’s been rescheduled. A misunderstanding? Perhaps. You wait some more.

Finally the new couch shows up. It’s roughly the same color as the sofa on the showroom floor and that’s about it. The new sofa might be dirty, stained, and generally pretty unattractive. It’s a rental after all and it might have had a previous owner or two.

Disgusted, you schedule a delivery to have the couch picked up again. You won’t pay even the low monthly payments for furniture like that!

Amazingly, or perhaps not at this point, the delivery men don’t show up to pick up the couch. You’ve been rescheduled again! It might take as many as three or four attempts to get the men back out to pick up the couch.

Furniture Collection Nightmares

Of course, the flipside of problems with getting people to show up for delivery and collection is getting people to go away when no delivery or pick up is required.

If someone fails to make payments, the solution for the furniture store is simple. The company goes over and reclaims the furniture. No fuss. No muss.

Or perhaps there is a lot of fuss. Some of the pick-up men get overly anxious about collecting items once payments stop. They might call daily – multiple times. They might visit your home and pound on the door. Daily.

Of course, if you’re the bad guy here and not paying for the TV and sofa you’re currently using, you have nobody but yourself to blame, but apartments are small communities.

If your neighbor is the one at fault, you’re going to suffer just as much. Suddenly that neighbor of yours goes from being a pretty cool guy to hang out with to someone you’d like to personally punch in the face.

After you punch out the collections man, of course. The guy from the rental furniture store stops by his apartment every day. Perhaps multiple times. He pounds on the door for sustained periods of time.

Your neighbor might be hiding. He might be at work. He might be long gone and simply left the furniture behind. Regardless, you’re still here.

And you’re the one listening to the pounding on the door every day like clockwork.

Why is that you can’t get a guy to show up when you’re holding onto a gross couch or dysfunctional television set, but the minute you need to take a nap, sleep in or put your baby to bed you can’t get rid of the guy?

Sure, call customer service. Report it as harassment. Call the cops. It might stop, but in the meantime you’re going to develop a twitch and a general disregard for furniture rental stores. Perhaps this is best for you in the long run.