Regal Cigs - Free trial not so free


Regal Cigs - WAY too much money!!!

There’s nothing more tempting than a free trial. How else are you going to determine if you really like a particular product without paying anything at all out of pocket? But of course, when you’re dealing with free trials – especially online – you should always read the fine print. Twice.

Because sometimes that free trial…isn’t.

Virtually everyone has felt suckered into something a time or two. Perhaps you filled out an application only to have your email address sold to every spam center in the western hemisphere. Or you opened a new credit account and found out later you’re paying a monthly fee that is decidedly uncomfortable.

Special offers don’t always have strings attached, of course, but more often than not there is something you’re getting along with that free coffee sample or that free coupon you just downloaded. Sometimes that extra hassle is just email notifications about sales and such. Other times it’s a bit more sinister and even dangerously expensive.

This is especially true with free trials that require a credit card upfront.

Overpaying for Electronic Cigarettes

Consider the recent cases of complaints about electronic cigarettes. E-cigs have been growing in popularity and they are an excellent way for those who smoke to cut down and even work up to stopping completely. The e-cigarette is a bit more than a fake cigarette. There are refills and vapors included that help to satisfy the nicotine urges and make the electronic cigarettes effective.

If you’ve been considering a stop to your smoking habit, you might be tempted to try electronic cigarettes – especially if there is a free trial. Sign up for that free trial and you can have the deluxe starter kit for absolutely nothing out of pocket.

Just give us your credit card number for safe keeping.

And enjoy your two weeks of “free”.

Because it’s not going to stay free for long!

Ripped Off by E-Cigs

The first fourteen days of a trial might be free, but always read the fine print. If you do, you might discover that the fifteenth day you’ll be charged the full price of the starter kit. And how much is the starter kit you might wonder - $20? $50?

It’s about $120.

That’s going to hurt.

Fortunately the solution is simple enough, right? If you realize you got snookered into a deal like this, all you have to do is send the product back to the company before that initial fourteen day period is up.

And it might be that easy if you’re dealing with a reasonably reputable company. But there are a lot of not-so-reputable companies out there.

And as many individuals have found out as they deal with some e-cigarette companies, returning the starter kit does prevent the $120 charge. But they will be paying a $24 restocking fee for the kit instead.

The bottom line here is that the company running the “free trial” is going to be making money one way or another.

The only way to avoid the sticky fingers of situations like this is to simply avoid getting into the mess in the first place.

Well, there is another way, but that way involves dealing with credit card companies, issuing charge backs, filling out paperwork and possibly getting the legal system involved. It’s much easier to simply read the fine print.

If you want to stop smoking or try out electronic cigarettes, it might be best to skip the deluxe kits advertised on television. Instead, take yourself down to the corner store and buy a $10 kit off the shelf. You can always upgrade to deluxe later without the headaches and financial woes.