Chilis - Drunk women ( large Group) in the family area

Those of us with kids know that we aren’t welcome just anywhere. We don’t do the fine dining and we don’t do much after 8pm, but that’s okay. What’s not okay is when you should be able to enjoy your time as a family in a family restaurant but can’t.

Family Friendly Seating

Many of the family restaurants serve alcohol. This usually isn’t an issue during family dining hours because the bar is located away from the tables or the taps don’t really get going until after dark. Someone might have the occasional beer or wine, but things are pretty low key around dinner time. Usually.

But sometimes, the happy hour that should be happening in the bar spreads. It might even spread right into the booth next to yours and then things get a bit dicey.

You might have your daughter sitting in the booth with you. She might only be seven years old and eating dinner at 7pm. That’s a pretty respectable time in most families for dinner. Seated at the family restaurant, you notice the group coming in.

You can tell they are going to be a bit of trouble since they are already loud and boisterous. Fortunately, the server is going to put them over there by the bar. Away from the families with younger kids. But then she doesn’t.

You have the large group of rowdy women right next to your table.

Drunks on Parade

Resigned to the loud company, you decide to focus on your own daughter and your meal. It’s not great, it’s not terrible, but it’s hot food and satisfying at least. Or it would be if those ladies would ever quiet down.

But they aren’t winding down. They are getting louder and rowdier.

Now, at 7:30 PM in a family restaurant, the table next to you is definitely a group of drunk women, and they aren’t stopping any time soon. The women are shouting, singing and swearing like sailors. They are laughing uproariously and you’re certainly not the only family table in the area to have noticed.

You mention the group to your waiter and ask if it’s possible to remind them that they are in a family restaurant. Your waiter assures you that he will. It’s impossible to tell if he ever did deliver the message, however, because everyone keeps shouting and if anything, the offensive behavior grows even more.

With your daughter taking in every word and phrase these women are uttering, you ask to speak to a manager. The manager doesn’t seem interested in approaching the women either. It may be because they are spending more on alcohol and appetizers than you’d spend on ten meals with your daughter.

Things Get Violent

Unfortunately, the two tables finish their meals at about the same time. The manager does finally intercede (probably after the check is paid off in full) and helps the very drunk women leave. Of course there is no concern for how these women are getting home.

You and your daughter now find yourself in the parking lot together trying to get away from the group. But then they stop right behind your car.

You get your daughter situated and hop in the front seat. Surely they’ll move. But they don’t. You put your car in reverse. They continue to shriek and talk in the light of your tail lights. Finally you stick your head out of the window and ask the ladies to move so that you can back out.

Their solution? Threaten you. Loudly. With your daughter hanging on every word. Finally, through sheer force of will, you’re able to get out of the parking spot and go on home. No thanks to the family restaurant, of course. So much for looking out for families.