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Ashley Furniture - Fraudulent Warranty & Business Practices

There is nothing better than cat urine on your sofa.


That was obviously sarcasm because there is simply not much worse in the world than cat urine on your sofa.

Unless it’s vomit on your sofa. Or perhaps dog feces.

Are you detecting a trend here?

Sofas can be a prime collection zone for disgusting things. It makes sense when you consider just which parts of your body (and your pets’ bodies) are resting on the sofa itself.

But regardless of what and how the mess got onto your sofa, your primary consideration is, of course, how to get the gross back off the sofa again.

Good news! There are warranties you can arrange when you’re buying new furniture. With the warranty, you can have your couch and loveseat cleaned for a particular amount of time after you notice any number of yucky things or damaged areas.

At least, that’s what the salesman tells you the warranty is for. And it might even say that right on the paperwork itself.

But warranties can be tricky business.

The Bright Side of the Furniture Warranty

There are often two sides to a warranty. There is the salesman side of things where you’ll hear all of the good stuff. On the happy side of the warranty, you might hear that all body fluids including excrement can be cleaned immediately off your furniture for no additional charge.

You might hear that your new furniture is being covered and protected from top to bottom for the next five years. You might be told you have absolutely nothing to worry about in terms of clean and classy furniture – if you just pay a few hundred dollars for this excellent warranty that will handle everything.

It sounds like a good deal. Perhaps even a bit too good to be true.

Because the happy salesman side of things sometimes neglects to mention the other side of the warranty.

The dark side of the warranty.

The Other Side of Furniture Warranties

On the dark side of the furniture warranty are exclusions and conditions. Sure, you can have the cat pee cleaned off your couch once you’ve bought the warranty. You’ll just need to wait about two weeks. Then, you’d better hope that the dried cat pee is visible to the cleaning man. Otherwise he doesn’t have to clean it.

Confused? You bet! It’s all part of the process. It’s covered right there in the fine print.

You might enjoy your couch for a few months and then realize one day that it’s looking a bit shabby. Perhaps it’s all the dirt stains and questionable spots that have appeared on the cushions. Fortunately, you have that happy furniture warranty that includes cleaning.

So you call the company up to set up your cleaning appointment.

And you quickly learn that there is a time limit on discovery. You have to have the spot cleaned within two weeks of discovery or your warranty does not cover cleaning. Oops.

You can cry. You can complain. You can scream to the high heavens of furniture warranties, but the truth remains the same.

When you buy a warranty it will always have exclusions. Always.

And to protect yourself and your money, you should never believe the happy, cheerful salesman as to what the warranty actually contains.

Instead, read the fine print. Look through that warranty. Protect yourself. After all, if you can’t protect yourself and your sofa, why would you trust someone else to do it for you?