The Hawden Group - Worst reseller we ever had!

Businesses spend a lot of money on furniture. After all, there are often quite a few employees who need quite a few items to make their offices and workspaces functional. But like anything else, you can run into some serious issues when ordering furniture for the office. Or, in the case of our story today – when you’re delivering it.

Complaints about Office Furniture

A major retailer of office furniture was surprised to hear from one of its dealers recently. It seems the smaller dealer was quite unhappy about the product that the major retailer had delivered to it. The smaller dealer apparently had problems with every single item that the company had delivered and was demanding a refund in order to make the situation right.

What made the scenario even more puzzling was that the boxes for the items were completely intact. The packaging materials were completely fine – and this according to the delivery records and the smaller dealer. The dealer claimed that the major retailer had shipped them products that were damaged straight from the factory.

Suspicious Complaints

The manager at the major retailer was at first puzzled – how could such a thing have happened? But at the same time she was very suspicious. This is a company that rarely had complaints at all, much less such a substantial volume of complaints. Finally, these were some pretty big ticket items that had been produced and shipped. If there was a systemic problem with the manufacturer, the warehousing or the delivery, surely they would have heard something about it before now.

Confused and slightly panicked, the manager of the major retailer called around. She tracked the damaged furniture back to the factories where it had been manufactured. And this is where things really started to get odd.

The furniture had been made in three different factories and it had been packaged by three different teams of packagers in three totally different cities. Already slightly suspicious, the retail manager was now certain. Something was very wrong and it wasn’t a problem with the furniture.

Furniture Fraud

There was certainly an issue, but it wasn’t with the furniture. Or at least it wasn’t a problem with the manufacture, storage or shipment of the furniture. After a bit more investigation, the problem seemed to be the reseller who had originally complained about the damaged goods.

This company already had a bad reputation in the office furniture marketplace, and with a bit of digging the manager of the retailer was able to figure out what had likely happened. The owner of the reseller, who was anything but forthright in previous dealings with her own clients, had apparently ordered quite a bit of furniture for a client.

That client in turn was displeased or didn’t actually finish the order with the reseller. The reseller is then stuck with a large amount of perfectly good office furniture and the corresponding large bill. So, the reseller does what any dishonest individual might do.

She damages the furniture she can’t sell.