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If you want to get people fired up, start a discussion on the value of supplements.

Just how valuable are all of those pills that claim to boost your health, wellness and performance?

There are those who will defend the power of health and wellness supplements to their dying breath. Others snort and sniff away any value from the supplements. For those individuals taking pills for better performance is simply a way to spend money on something a healthy diet will provide.

Of course, no matter where you look, you can’t help but find research that seems to support your position – regardless of which position you’re taking. In one corner you have the medical community claiming that supplements can be dangerously unregulated and unproven. In the other you seem to have endless supplies of individuals who claim the totally natural products worked wonders for them.

Those who have found success with supplements often take it to the next level. Since they feel like the products worked – why not sell them to someone else? Fortunately there is a very large network of sellers and resellers who provide the opportunity selling supplements to others, often for quite a bit of money.

The Cult of Supplements

The trouble with some reselling opportunities is that the buy-in is often greater than the returns. This is certainly the case for one supplement reseller. This company offers many different product lines and encourages individuals to sell the product lines on an individual basis. Teams of sellers work together to promote and sell. Or at least that is the ideal situation. The reality can look substantially different.

Examine the possibilities of supplement resale: You attend a convention where you’re shown and told just how much you can make by pushing the products. The trainers show you how to sell and they give you plenty of marketing advice to make this a successful venture for you.

Then you break off into a smaller group under the care of a manager who helps to guide you toward the most successful products for you and for your shiny new resale operation. If this was an ideal situation, the manager would be a trained health professional who could help to assess your actual health before making a suggestion.

In more common cases, however, it is simply a neighbor or friend who saw a presentation once and has read some brochure copy. Now that friend is telling you what chemical – or perhaps all naturally derived chemicals – to put into your body. Sometimes the suggestions work, and the manager turns out to be correct in the selection. Other times, the supplements cause you to break out in hives and suffer allergic reactions.

Reselling for a Loss

Of course, before you can really try the products for very long yourself, you’re encouraged to place a large order for products to resell to others. Sometimes these ideally resellable packages run for more than $3,000. The good news, of course, is that you’ll be able to sell the products again for substantially more than you ever paid. And this is where the whole idea falls apart.

Flush with your plans for the thousands of dollars you’ll be making, you might not notice that when you ordered $3,000 worth of products at a manager’s suggestions, she got a nice healthy cut of your payment. But surely her suggestions were sound? It might be. But then it might not be.

And if it turns out you’re not a good match for the program or nobody in your circle of family and friends cares to buy hundreds or thousands of dollars of supplements from you, you quickly hit a wall. You have few or no sales. You have thousands of dollars in products. You have a big hole in your bank account – and if you’re really unlucky, an allergic reaction to your expensive supplements as well. Ouch.