Enterprise Car Rental - Denied a rental!

Enterprise Car Rental - TYLER BROWN, Shady as they come!

There are a few reasons why someone might need a rental car: travel, car maintenance or perhaps business. But regardless of the reason you’re renting a car, the process should be straightforward enough. You reserve the car, you put down the deposit, you get the keys and you drive away.

Unfortunately, there are shady characters out there who make what should be a simple process into something much darker, perhaps even illegal. Consider the case of the gentleman from Boise.

False Charges with Car Rentals

The Boise gentleman went to the rental car counter to start the process for renting a car for business. Having done this many, many times throughout his career, the rental company he chose was a personal favorite and he’d never had anything but decent experiences there – until today, that is.

This time, the man behind the counter got a bit heavy-handed, and the Boise gentleman was not a fan. First, the car rental salesman was abrupt as he explained the process. Since the gentleman already knew the process, he wasn’t concerned about this.

But when the various upgrades were offered to the gentleman, he declined them. The abrupt salesman offered them again. Again the Boise gentleman declined. Three times they went through this particular dance before the salesman seemed to get the message.

Only he didn’t actually get it. He simply quit asking about the upgrades and decided to act on them instead. When the Boise gentleman returned his car, he learned that his company’s credit card had been charged almost $400 in upgrades.

The gentleman knew he denied these items multiple times, but he was not able to connect with a manager and every time he called the company he met the runaround with customer service. Finally he just bit the bullet and paid the $400 out of pocket since there was no way that his company would cover the bogus charges.

Refusing the Rent Car

The gentleman from Boise is certainly not alone in his frustrations with this particular rental car company. Another woman desperately needed to reach her father before he was scheduled to have open heart surgery. Since she did not own her own car, she simply called ahead to rent a car for the trip.

When she arrived at the car rental office she was ready with her paystubs, her insurance and a utility bill showing her residency. She had obviously done this before. In fact, she rented a car every few months for a similar trip, although this would be the first for a serious surgery.

After displaying all of her documents for the customer service representative at the counter, the lady was told that she was not eligible to rent a car from this particular company. Her driver’s license was from Arizona, but she currently lived in California – and had a utility bill in her name to prove it.

Even more shocking was the fact that she had rented a car from this company – this counter – so many times before. The lady pleaded with the representative. She begged the manager to allow her to rent the car and explained her current situation.

Finally she had to walk away rejected. The car company wouldn’t budge on their new policy and the woman was forced to miss being at her father’s side on the day of his surgery. Thankfully everything went well, but the experience was certainly a lesson in a company’s guidelines and rules – and how they can change on a whim, even when the change can have dramatic repercussions.