Applebees - Horrible, Horrible, Horrible

Applebees - Horrible

It’s always disappointing to discover that something that should be easy turns into a mistake that was too easy to make. How many times have you planned a meal out with a friend only to have it go badly?

The two of you talk about having a fun evening out and decide that you’ll run down to casual dining restaurant. You want casual, after all, because this is a chance to talk, get caught up and eat some decent food without paying through the nose for the privilege.

The Unappetizing Food

Now, when you visit a chain restaurant that advertises casual dining, you know off hand that the food isn’t going to be the most delicious thing you’ve ever eaten. You may not love the food even. But you can expect to be served a meal that is hot, filling and pretty tasty at least. After all, some of these casual fare restaurants have the most famous appetizers around – who doesn’t love fried tasty things?

Imagine your surprise when you sit down with your girlfriends at the table, ready for some serious gossip and margaritas, only to discover that the appetizer you ordered is disgusting. The food is cold and the chips that are served with the dip are so greasy they look like they were just taken from the fryer. Of course, they can’t be fresh from the oil since they are cold, too.

In this instance, you might do the simple thing and ask the waitress for more chips. After all, chips are easy and surely she can see just how gross looking the current chips are. But here’s where things will make or break in the restaurant business. It may be that you can make do with subpar food, but casual restaurants specialize in friendly wait staff at least, right?

The Rude Employees

Not always, sadly. While you might get a pleasant, cheerful waitress eight times out of ten, not all of the wait staff out there seems interested in pleasing the customer. When you ask for new chips, you have an eighty percent chance of getting a pleasant response and some cleaner, tastier food items.

On the flip side, you have a twenty percent chance of having your waitress spit in your food before she brings it to the table for daring to ask for anything she’s not willing to give you. This might very well be that time for your group of friends.

When you ask the waitress for more chips, she could apologize, run and grab some fresh ones or she might look right at you, roll her eyes and tell you that all of the chips are just like that and that you’ll just have to deal with it. Huh. Perhaps your next step will be to call for the manager.

When the manager shows up, you politely explain that you’ve been served gross food and that your friendly waitress is refusing to bring you fresh chips. Now, normally most managers know how to handle customer requests, especially if a customer is polite and in the right.

But sometimes you find the manager who should never have left the dishwashing station. The manager who goes back into the back and brings out another gross basket of chips to slam on the table. The manager who talks about you rudely right in front of your face.

Fortunately, you have a terrific option at this point.

You can – and should – just walk away.

Try the joint down the street. They have the little fried appetizer things with that yummy sauce anyhow.