Skype - No reply to cancellation


 The internet should make it easier to communicate with others around the corner or around the globe, but at times the popular communication software seems to make things more challenging rather than more straightforward. While technology is always great when it’s working correctly, it can be an absolutely nightmare when it seems to be faulty or when you simply want to speak to a real person again – a novelty it seems in our busy modern IT world.

Frustrated with Multiple Accounts

One individual is older and trying to live as comfortably as possible on a small pension. He carefully considered his bills every month to try and reduce the cost of living as much as possible to accommodate his level of income. After doing a bit of reading, he realized that using an internet communication software would cut out his need for long distance phone calls and would all but replace his home phone.

So he carefully visited the website for the software in order to sign up. Ever cautious, he signed up for an account and then tried to make the software work. It didn’t appear to work correctly, so he tried downloading it again and again tried to run it. Three times he tried to make this work and finally on the third try he managed to make it work.

To test the software, he used his computer to call his landline. It took less than two seconds for the phone call, but he was charged as if the call took almost ten minutes when the bill came. Looking at the bill he realized what the biggest problem was. It turns out that every time he was downloading the software he was being charged again. And again.

Immediately he tried to contact the software company to explain the problem and to hopefully track down a refund. Even though this is a popular and well known software, he couldn’t find a direct phone number to speak to someone. So he did the next best thing. He sent an email. Then he sent another. Finally he had to give up after hearing absolutely nothing in return. Now the poor gentleman is out three times the cost of his phone service. So much for saving money.

Fraud and Phones

The cautious gentleman is not the only one who has had trouble with this same phone software. Another user in Ontario experienced a similar problem. This time, the user paid in advance for a year’s worth of service. He knew he was paying up for a full year, but it made sense to save money in the long run by paying in bulk now.

Of course, it made a lot less sense when he went to use his phone service one day and found out that he was now blocked. Every time he tried to log in, he received the same message. His account was blocked and there was no way he could log in. Frustrated he tried to call customer service and was frustrated to see that he couldn’t call customer service because he no longer had access to their phone service.

He looked through his email to find out what the problem might be and finally found a message from the company. The company claimed that his payment was from a fraudulent account and the funds would be returned. Two weeks later the man has no service and no refund.

It’s especially interesting to note that the phone software company had no problems at all collecting his money in full from a “fraudulent” account, but it sure has a problem giving the funds back or at least speaking to the individual they have accused of fraud.