UPS - UPS driver stole my package

“Through rain, sleet or hail – the mail must go through!” That may be what they said back in the days of stagecoaches and mail cars, but these days packages are often send through special mail services rather than the post office, and it’s much more convenient for everyone – or should be.

Customers pay premium prices to arrange this delivery service, so it’s twice as painful when the mail doesn’t go through. There’s no rain, sleet or hail on these guys – you would think that would make it a bit easier to do their jobs well. Unfortunately, some things we should have probably trusted to the post office.

A young mother went for a walk one day with her baby. She was waiting on a package to be delivered form her sister. Inside the package were baby clothes, but as a special treat from one sister to another, the clothing was tucked inside a designer travel bag. Since she was home almost every second of the day, the sister didn’t think twice about getting a signature on delivery – she just shipped the package.

The young mother who was out pushing a stroller was just walking up and down the street – she wasn’t far from home. When the big carrier truck pulled around the corner, the mom was excited. Who doesn’t love getting packages? As she was walking back toward her house, the mom watched the driver walk up to the house, walk back to the truck and then drive away.

Mom walked quickly up to her door to grab the package, but it wasn’t there. She looked in the bushes on either side of the door. She looked on the walkway. She looked up, she looked down, she looked all around, but the package was most certainly not by her front door.

She thought this was strange since she had actually watched the driver approach the door and then leave again, so she checked the delivery log through the online tracking the company offers. On the tracking website, it clearly showed that the package had been put out for delivery and then there was the entry that said it had been delivered to her door just a few minutes before.

But it wasn’t delivered.

The young mother called the local office of the shipping company and explained the situation. She wanted to speak to the driver about where he had put the package or if something had happened where he forgot to put the package down or was waiting to come back by later that day. Perhaps it was an honest mistake.

When she was able to get the driver on the phone, the driver insisted over and over again that he delivered that package right at the front door. The same door the woman was watching throughout the entire delivery. The same door where there was absolutely no package whatsoever.

The young mother spoke to a supervisor who told her that the driver had logged the package as delivered and that without a signature guarantee, that was all that they could do. Beyond frustrated, the young mother called her sister who called the company and was told the exact same thing.

By now, it was clear that something fishy was going on. The young mother was missing a very expensive designer travel bag and at least $200 in baby clothing. Should the package have been insured? Perhaps, but when a woman watches the driver deliberately not deliver a package to her door and then he lies to her repeatedly, the conclusion is sadly simple: theft.

Mail has come a long way from riding horseback through rain and sleet to see letters delivered. Now, sadly, some drivers feel entitled to simply collect what they want from the packages in the truck and never even blink an eye. Give me soggy envelopes any day.