Great Clips - You might as well shave your own head!

Great Clips - Ruined bangs

Great Clips - Jacked up bangs

It’s time to get ready to go back to school, and one of the absolutely necessary items to handle is a new haircut. Everyone wants to go back to school in style, and that means getting at least a trim to remove split ends and perhaps even up your bangs.

Of course, when you opt to cut your hair you’re always taking a risk. Hair, for many of us, is a very personal trait – it defines what we look like and who we are in a fashion sense. So it stands to reason that many of us are nervous about signing up for a haircut. On the flipside of those nerves, however, is the very real consideration for just how much those haircuts cost.

If you go to a fine salon for a haircut, you could be paying hundreds, even if it is just a little trim. Many people feel pinched by the price of the fancy hair salons and they try to save some funds by going to the neighborhood hair cutting store – this is just a trim, after all. Right?

One girl decided that she just needed her bangs trimmed. Normally this is just a few dollars and the stylist will cut your hair dry to even up the bangs and keep them out of your eyes between major haircuts. Rather than spend more at a salon, this girl opted for the chain hair cutting business. A few minutes in and she wished she hadn’t.

As the girl walked in for her bargain haircut, she was asked to take a seat. The stylist sprayed her bangs with a bottle of water before beginning the cut, and already the girl was nervous. She’d never had her bangs cut wet and she was pretty sure she wasn’t going to like how they turned out. She was right. Her bangs came out choppy and blocky rather than sleek and layered.

So the stylist “fixed” the problem, and in doing so cut off even more hair. Ultimately, the young lady left the hair cutting store with bangs that were choppy and uneven. Unfortunately, even the highest paid stylist couldn’t do much with that mistake so the girl was simply forced to wait it out – which was excoriatingly painful, of course.

Of course, she’s not the only one who has suffered. A man went to a different branch of the hair store. He wanted a simple cut with a fade. This is the most standard of all men’s hairstyles, so he didn’t imagine paying less for the cut would be a problem. He should have invested in a bigger imagination.

Once the man got into the store, he asked for the lady who had cut his hair the previous week. She had done a pretty good job, after all, and he liked her. The manager told the gentleman that the stylist he requested was no longer with the company. The man was understandably disappointed, but his disappointment went a bit further. It seemed that every decent stylist he’d had ever had at the hair chain left. He’d gone through three – and all had left.

Resigned to try out a new stylist, the man sat down in the chair only to quickly realize that he was now a test subject. The girl cutting his hair was on her first job out of school and she took 45 minutes to give him a hideously uneven cut. Needless to say, this was the fourth and final strike against the hair chain and he would never be back.