There is not much more frustrating that gaining weight. One thing that does top gaining the weight is having to admit to your weight gain publically. And to add further insult to injury, you just might gain weight, admit it multiple times publically and then be hassled for your efforts.

Take the recent experiences of a West Virginia woman. She was surprised with a very generous gift of clothing from a great aunt – about $600 worth of new clothing to help her get started in a new career! It was exciting, of course, but at the same time, the woman quickly realized that her great aunt was buying clothing in the size she used to wear before she put on a few pounds.

Wanting to keep private business private, the woman thanked her aunt profusely, gathered up her new wardrobe and found some time to run up to the local department store. Her great aunt had purchased the clothing in another branch of the department store an hour or two away, and she wanted to simply exchange her new size 6 wardrobe for a size 8.

With tags on every item, the woman made her way to the front of the line at customer service. Once there, she was told that this particular branch of the store didn’t carry the line of merchandise she was looking to exchange. The woman was told that she would have to go back to the original store – hours away – to exchange the items.

Frustrated, the woman packed up all of the new clothing items again, put them into her car and went home. As a single mother she couldn’t just drop everything and race away to try a different store. Days later, she finally carved out the time to go, packed up the new clothing again, and headed off to the store hours away.

Again, she worked her way to the front of the line, and when she presented the huge pile of clothing, she carefully explained that she didn’t want to return anything, she just wanted to exchange everything for one size larger than what she was holding.

She spoke to one employee. Then she spoke to two employee. Then six different employees were surrounding her along with their manager. Over and over again, this poor women had to admit that she’d gained twenty-five pounds and just needed a larger size.

Unfortunately, the manager was not feeling very sympathetic about her weight gain or the ever-lengthening line behind the woman at customer service. The manager simply refused to even exchange a single item without a paper receipt in hand.

The woman countered with a suggestion to look up the clothing on her rewards account, that was what it was there for after all, and her great aunt had purchased the items under her account, so they were all accounted for there at least.

The manager threw back - very loudly and very publically – that there was no way to know the clothing were not stolen without a paper receipt and that a rewards account simply wasn’t good enough. He never even bothered to check.

This poor woman was left holding $600 worth of new clothing that doesn’t fit. She was forced to admit to gaining twenty-five pounds to no less than a dozen people – when you count the crowd that was queued up behind her – and the manager, who was supposed to be helpful, publically insinuated that she was a thief – without checking her account to see that every item was bought and paid for.

After making her story public, the store has reached out to the woman to offer some assistance. Let’s hope that someone in the company actually understands “No Hassle Exchanges.”