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“The pathway to heaven is through a garden gate” – You might read that on a bit of garden décor, and it makes you realize just how much we want our gardens to relax us. Just think of the swaying flowers, the breeze through the leaves of the tree, and you out in the sunshine doing a bit of watering to keep everything looking as beautiful as possible.

There are some people right now who are cringing as they think about watering their flowers. They probably love to poke around in the garden, but have run into some trouble with the latest gardening gadgets, which puts a very black spin on an otherwise heavenly activity.

Take for example the happy suburbanite who bought four new hoses for the summer. These new hoses were lightweight and ready for action. He was thrilled because the hoses came with all of the latest bells and whistles – well, as many as a hose can have anyhow.

Ready for some time in the yard, the suburbanite attached one of his new hoses to the faucet. He turned it on. For a moment it appeared to work beautifully! Humming, he picked up the nozzle and prepared to start watering when he felt something go wrong.

Looking down he realized that the nozzle at the front of the hose had completely separated from the main tubing. His hose was now in two parts and water was going everywhere – certainly not in the direction he was aiming for. Quickly he turned off the spigot and detached the broken hose.

Frustrated, the man picked up his second hose. This one was supposed to be a gift for his daughter, but he needed to know – were all these new hoses as flimsy as that first one?

A few moments later, with a quick twist of the faucet, he found out that all of his new hoses were indeed poorly made. This time the hose leaked all over the place from where it attached to the spigot. While he was staring at his new hose in great frustration, it proceeded to spring another leak further down the tubing as if to add insult to injury.

Two of this formerly happy suburbanite’s new hoses were trash – and he hadn’t even been able to water anything yet.

It’s a shame that something as simple and relaxing as working in the garden should become such a hassle. And for our poor would-be gardener, he now has to trash two hoses and return two more, all before he was ever able to water anything besides his own arms and legs during the struggle.

Perhaps for now, at least, it may be best for the determined gardeners out there to skip the deluxe hoses and instead opt for the more basic varieties that seem to simply get the job done without the fanfare.