Kia Motors - Frustrated mom

Kia Motors - kia amanti 2004

There is a term commonly used in the automobile industry – a lemon. What’s a lemon? Why it’s a car that continually has problems. No matter how many times you seem to take it in to be fixed, it just keeps on breaking, breaking down, coming apart and generally causing you misery.

It would seem that in our current world of high technology and efficient manufacturing that lemons would be a thing of the past. Sadly nothing could be further from the truth.

There are a tremendous number of complaints and frustrations with new cars. When you buy a used car you expect to run into some issues from time to time. After all, a car with fifty thousand miles will have some wear and tear. But what do you do when your brand new car starts to fall apart?

Take for example a new car owner in California. The happy new owner took her new minivan off the lot, relieved to be finished with the buying process. Buying a new car can be hugely stressful after all. Happy with her new purchase, she proudly showed the vehicle off to her friends and her kids settled in.

Then things started to go wrong.

Barely two weeks after purchasing the car, the mom started to open the sunroof. Who wouldn’t want to let in the California breezes, after all? Apparently the new car didn’t enjoy the breeze, because the sunroof refused to open. She tried again. It didn’t work. She turned off the car and turned it on again. No working sunroof and no breezes.

So off to the dealership they went! Fortunately the new minivan was under warranty, and the company would surely fix it quickly – especially since the kids were accompanying her to the dealership to wait for the repair.

After three sodas, four trips to the bathroom and two time outs, the young family was on the road again with a working sunroof. Relieved, the mom figured they were good to go – things were work beautifully now.

Until they didn’t.

About six weeks later, the push start wouldn’t work. As mothers will, this mom had dragged the kids out the door, was hauling three bags and a few last minute breakfast items to start the day. It was times like this that she was relieved to have paid a bit more for a remote that helped open the doors and get the car going.

But this morning the remote didn’t work. At all.

So she was forced to put everything down, corral the kids and then dig for a key to manually open the doors. Once the family was inside the car complete with breakfast, bags and a few tears, mom used her emergency key to start the car. It wouldn’t start.

Eight weeks into ownership of a beautiful new minivan, with one warranty trip to the dealership to deal with the sunroof already, this poor mother is ready to throw in the towel. Or throw away her minivan, at least.

Unfortunately the bloom is off the rose as far as her new vehicle is concerned, and it’s a safe bet she won’t be buying from that dealership again.