Barbizon Modeling School - Barbizon Graduate becomes International Model

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Thin. Gorgeous. Perfect.

What does it take to actually reach the top in the world of modeling? Surprisingly, it takes more than a terrific figure and a viral Youtube video (Here’s looking at you, Kate Upton!). It takes guts. It takes stamina. And it takes patience.

A career in modeling isn’t like a career in accounting, although if you thought they were similar, you obviously need to take a short nap and revisit this topic later.

In the world of accounting, numbers talk. You subtract. You multiply. Your work has produced something tangible – a completed spreadsheet. You are judged by how well you made that spreadsheet align.

Modeling, however, has very little concrete about it. You smile. You pose. You stretch. You strut. But you’re not judged on how few split ends you have this week or if you made it through a photo shoot without getting lipstick on your teeth. Your value is totally dependent on how others perceive you.

That’s a tough nut to crack. But still, thousands of would-be models seek out opportunities to learn the skills they need to make the beauty industry work for them.

Kate Upton, to seize a previous example, is beautiful. She has an excellent figure. However, if that was all that is required, we’d all be best friends with models because there are so many girls out there with beautiful faces and excellent, toned bodies.

It’s not just her face and body that made Kate Upton famous. It’s her presence.

But while many of us are quite content to flip magazine pages and just harbor a bit of envy for the girls who seem to just make it big on a flash of good fortune, others are working hard to position themselves for their own breakthrough.

They have started working through modeling colleges and beauty schools.

These students are digging deep to find the drive and patience they need to slog through the entry levels of modeling. In special courses, they learn to walk a runway and smile perfectly. They learn to stand up straight and walk a certain way. They shape their eyebrows and pose.

But it’s not just practice, courses and tooth whitening serum that make a model.

There are planes to catch and events to work. The biggest task for beauty school students is being noticed. To be noticed, you must go where the right people are looking, and even then, you must be everything that these individuals are seeking. It’s hard work and it’s exhausting.

Imagine walking through a huge convention center with a smile plastered on your face. Every opportunity you have, you’re chatting, sharing photographs and encouraging other people to like you. You’re being judged constantly.

After six hours in high heels, your feet are killing you, but you smile through the pain. You walk with poise and confidence to the next booth. You laugh at a joke that’s not really very funny. You hand over your headshot. You die a bit when the agent at the booth ignores you to look over your shoulder at the picturesque blonde. You smile some more.

It may not be adding up complex columns of numbers, but earning a career in modeling is definitely hard work. Most of the individuals who start out seeking opportunities in the competitive beauty world simply don’t have the stamina to make it through one convention center, much less the five or six that may be required.

They simply don’t have what it takes.

Do you?