The most Sophisticated and Integrated Consumer Review Site on the Internet,, Offers Home Page Review Posting

New York, NY – Market research firm Opinion Corp’s consumer complaint site announces today that it is the first consumer review site to allow consumers to move their reviews to the home page of for a subscription fee of $5.99/month, making an industry first.

After posting a review, consumers have an option to pay a fee of $5.99 a month to have their review featured on the first page of for as long as the subscription is valid. With more than 5 million page views per month, front page review posting allows consumers to have their complaint seen prominently.

“We have made this subscription available to customers who are passionate about their reviews and want to share their experiences prominently on the home page,” said Executive Director, Vladimir Nardin. “No other consumer review sites offer this capability.” is one of the largest review portals and fastest growing site in consumer complaints segment. Site offers a lot of posting options and provides information for consumers in multiple dimensions: industry categories, geospatial analysis and corporate brand and products.