PissedConsumer.com offers some tips on publishing reviews with photos. Don't hesitate to attach images to your complaints. They make them more powerful and informative!

Remember: presence of graphic materials increases efficiency of each complaint or review!


  • Make a distinct photo of damage.
  • The background should be neutral (if possible, put your item on the single-color surface or cloth).
  • The viewpoint should enclose the damaged point (don`t hesitate to use graphic software in order to outline necessary points with the help of arrows or other figures).

Corporate catalog




  • Make photos of processing, if you think it is going wrong.

Electronic (on-line) issues:

Use screenshots


  • Keep an eye on resolution (here you can learn how to check image resolution), it should be 1024x768 pixels or more.
  • You can place 2 or more images next to each other in order to compare them (images showing damages of a small item should consist from the macro picture and the image of a whole item attached)
  • Don't use less than 5 Megapixel devices for taking photos
  • Centralize your image (the object should be in the center of the photo)
  • Take photos in a good light, better in a day one.
  • Make sure that you have set a function of automatic date posting on your photos.
  • If you have taken a photo for comparison from the other site, don't forget to mention it on the image.
  • Remove or paint over such private data as credit cards numbers, accounts numbers, addresses, IDs. It is very important because it protects your information from personal attacks, from being stolen and from illegal charges!

So, follow image posting recommendations to make your review more valuable and informative. Pay attention to the private data, background, light and resolution.