“Montague: So you say you are better than me?
Capulet: In fact, I do.
Montague: You lie!”

(From Shakespeare’s "Romeo and Juliet".)

If you think that I think that I am better than you... then you are probably right. Why is that? Because I am simply awesome. Do you agree with me? Probably not. Why? Because you foolishly believe in your own awesomeness. Maybe you even think that you are better than anyone else. This is annoying.  It is particularly annoying to those of us who really are.

As much as your egotism is getting on my nerves, I understand it. To some degree everyone feels a little above the crowd. It is in human nature. Striving to be better than others. Some do it because of greed and arrogance. And others just do it without even noticing it. Striving to be better works unconsciously. Like, altruists put others in front of themselves, sacrifice for others and totally deprive themselves of a healthy ego. This is exactly what makes them better than others. Are they striving for the same selfish excellence? They are, maybe unconsciously.

We are all born with ego. It makes us vulnerable. Other people can bruise our precious ego, belittle our self-worse, and make us feel lonely and insecure. So we need to defend ourselves from being damaged.

I personally don’t need to protect my ego. Why? Because I am awesome. If you don’t agree with this, you are wrong. Even if all people don’t agree with this, I don’t give a damn. People suck anyways. They don’t give me a Nobel Prize, or an Oscar, or an Olympic medal. They are wrong. I am so above them they just can't handle me. They are too stupid and obsessed with insignificant crap.

I am a victim of the society’s screwed up value system.

I am a misunderstood genius.

And I am awesome.

I am not just better than others. I am simply the best.

What does it mean to be the best? It means you have to be better than the number two guy. If you come in second, you're just the first loser.

I’ll give you an example. Let’s say you and I are chased by an angry bear. What you will be thinking about? I bet, you’ll think, you need to outrun the bear. And I will think I need to outrun you. Got it?

I always play to win; you only play not to lose. As much as you want to be the best, you are only the best at being second best.

You think you are smarter, deeper, and kinder than others. I think you are dumb, shallow, and selfish. Compared to me.

You mistake your insecurity and inadequacy for humility. You mistake my greatness for arrogance. But, you know what; I would anyway chose honest arrogance rather than fussy humility.

I don’t need to compare our looks, intelligence, prestige or social standing. I just know – I am awesome.

I know, you don’t like me. You are just jealous. That’s why you are giving me derogatory names like Jerk, Ass, Fat Head, Snob, Know-It-All… You say nonsense like I suffer chronic migraines due to my incredibly swollen head. Or that I was diagnosed with Superiority Complex disorder.

Regardless of what you say, I am awesome.

And, by the way, I don’t have Superiority complex, because the Greats don’t suffer from this condition…

(From Cocky Bastard’s letter to an imaginary foe).