Honeymoon was wonderful. When they returned from the Caribbean trip, their honeymoon was still in effect. Only four month later they finally left the house.  They had to. They were invited to a formal party, and She did not have a proper dress. He wanted Her to get a one-of-a-kind dress, so they were going to meet Mr. Gluck – a fashion designer.

… One glimpse at his new customers, and Mr. Gluck had no doubt: “Honeymooners. He thinks that he is married to the most beautiful woman, and she is sure that her husband is the most caring and generous man”.

Mr. Gluck looked a lot like composer Ludwig van Beethoven when the genius musician was already old, a little crazy and deafened by his music. He smiled:

-         What can I do for you, young people?

-         We need a unique formal dress. Our friends recommended you.

-         Did you hear it, Phyllis? – shouted Mr. Gluck, - people recommended me! There are still people with good taste in this world! They could go to Armani, Dior or Lagerfeld, but they chose Gluck! Honestly, what is so special about this Lagerfeld? Okay, he is dressing Queen of England. Tell me, young man, do you want your wife to look like that old Queen of England?  If you do, you can go to Lagerfeld…

-         We are not going to Lagerfeld – reassured the couple.

-         Good for you! Because I can make your wife look like a real queen - a beauty queen. Phyllis, don’t worry, they are not going to Lagerfeld!.. Now, (he turned to the newlyweds), do you know how to make a good dress? Don’t answer, I’ll tell you. It’s easy. We need to expose what we want to see and cover what we don’t. For example, if a lady has beautiful legs, we’ll make a mini-dress. If she has a nice bosom, we’ll emphasize the cleavage. You got the idea? With this being said, for your beautiful wife I would recommend an elegant long dress, covering neck to toe.

(Gluck was already taking Her measurements).

-         Wait a second, - (He approached Mr. Gluck), - Do you mean, my wife has nothing we want to see? What about her legs?

-         Nice legs, but different from each other.

-         You mean one right and one left?

-         Yeah, and the one that is left is absolutely beautiful, but the right one is kind of bulky and too muscular.

-         Maybe, we should leave, honey, - She said hesitantly.

He did not answer. He was staring at her legs. Couple of minutes later He said:

-         Really… How didn’t I notice before …

-         It’s not a big deal, - She said, - I was an athlete, I was trained for the High Jump for several years, and right was my push-off leg. But I don’t do it anymore, and it should go away soon.

-         You see, - said Gluck, - not a big deal. For now we need to hide the push-off leg. But I recommend a high slit on the left side to show her good leg. Then everybody will be happy to see your wife’s gorgeous leg, and you will be especially happy that they don’t see the less stunning one.

-         Fine, - He said, - but what about her breasts?

-         Nice breasts… but not much of a cleavage material, - explained Gluck.

-         Maybe, we should go, - She tried again, while He was staring at her bosom.

-         I honestly never noticed, - He said finally, - Did you also take archery? - He asked his wife.

-         Don’t you worry, - intervened Gluck, - we’ll find a good push up bra, and it will look fabulous under the fabric.

-         You think so?

-         You hear it, Phyllis? - Gluck shouted, - He still has doubts! Don’t you worry, young man. Come to the fitting in two weeks, and I guarantee, you will be amazed by your wife’s beauty.

… She came to the fitting alone.

-         And where is your husband, sweetheart? – Gluck asked.

-         He… We… We separated… He could not stop finding my imperfections.

-         What a jerk! Don’t cry, sweetheart, let’s try the dress on; it will cheer you up…

She was looking into a big mirror. The dress in fact was striking and fitted her perfectly.

-         Look at this! – Gluck was very proud. – Aren’t you pretty? Pretty and very young. And you are yet to meet a good man who will really love you. Like I love my Phyllis. She had so many wonderful imperfections, that I couldn’t help but fall for her.  Maybe because of her flaws she was always so interesting to me. Our honeymoon lasted for twenty-six years.

-         And then?

-         She passed away.

-         I am sorry…But…I heard you talking to her…

-         That’s right. I am still talking to her. I hope she can hear me. I hope she likes my work. Because she has an impeccable taste in clothes. What do you think about this dress, Phyllis?