Funny is funny, let's leave it at that. Having to explain what’s funny is not funny. Explaining humor is like dissecting a frog - few people are interested and the frog dies. Mark Twain said this. Or something like this.

Every other Saturday I meet with my friends and we exchange jokes. Sort of standup comedy party. We are funny, slightly buzzed and very understanding.

I know lot of jokes. People at work often ask me, “Tell something funny”. And I gladly give them funny – original or borrowed.

It was another water cooler break, and my officemates asked me to “tell something funny. “ And I told them this joke:

The woman is in a doctor’s office. She touches her knee with her index finger and yells,”Oh, that hurts!’ Then she touches her cheek and again yells, “Ouch that hurts too.” Then she touches her earlobe. “Yow, even that hurts”, she cries. The doctor gives her an exam and says,”You have a broken finger”.

This is not a really-really funny joke. But it is kind of funny. Everyone laughed. Except Fred. Fred was silent for a while and then said:

-         I did not get it. What’s funny? The woman is in pain, and the doctor can’t find out what’s wrong with her. Is it funny because the doctor is dumb?

-         The doctor is not dumb, - I explained, - he found out that her finger is broken.

-         Then why did her knee hurt?

Our officemates stopped laughing and slowly retreated to their cubicles.

-         Fred, - I said, - her knee did not hurt. Her finger hurt when she touched her knee.

-         And why is it funny? – Fred wanted to know.

-         Because it’s unexpected. Unexpected is funny. Maybe not really-really funny, but kind of funny. – I already regretted that I chose this joke.

-         I see… - Fred was hesitant. He moved to his desk. He looked lost in thought.

An hour later Fred came to my cubicle.

-         It does not make sense.

-         What, Fred?

-         I checked online. Broken finger cannot resonate to knee. Back ache can. But not the finger. And not to the knee. Or cheek. Especially ear. Did you miss some part of the joke? Maybe she also had back problems?

-         No, she only had a broken finger…

-         Then why did she touch her knee?

-         Fred, it does not really matter what part of her body she touched…

-         Ahhh!!! – Fred yelled – I got it now! – Fred looked ecstatic – It is a dirty joke... Did not expect it from you…

God is my witness; I did not want to burst Fred’s bubble. But I said:

-         No, Fred, the joke is clean. Maybe not too funny, but clean.

I tried not to look at Fred. I felt horrible.

After work I found Fred waiting for me at the parking lot.

-         Was she blond? – asked Fred.

-         Who was blond? – I was caught off guard.

-         The lady at the doctor’s. Blonds are dumb. And often clumsy. Maybe she was blond and clumsy, and broke her finger when poking her knee. Maybe she had this fragile bones disease. Like, when it is not enough calcium…or something…

Suddenly I felt very tired.

-         You know, Fred, you are right, she definitely was blond. I just missed this part. See you tomorrow.

A phone ring woke me up. It was three in the morning.

-         Hey, this is Fred. I am calling regarding the doctor joke. I’ve checked with experts. They said, you can’t break your finger by touching your knee. At least an average blond can’t. Even if she has fragile bones…

-         Fred, listen, let it go. It was a dumb joke. Really not funny. Just forget it.

-         Yeah, I thought so too. But then I told my wife this joke. She laughed. Why did she laugh if it is not funny?

-         Is she blond?

-         Who?

-         Your wife…

Fred hung up. Probably he went to wake up his wife and ask about her natural color.

I don’t like dissecting frogs, but this Fred-situation seemed kind of funny. Not really-really finny but kind of. So I decided to write a story about it. Like a comedian routine.

Next Saturday I went to my comedians’ party. I gave this story to my fellow comedian Darren. Darren laughed. And laughed. And laughed. Then he wiped his tears and said:

-         This is hilarious. You need to perform this today in front of everybody. This is really-really funny. I can’t believe how dumb people can be. Your Fred has no sense of humor… like, whatsoever.

And Darren started to laugh again. Then he put his hand on my shoulder:

-         Tell me, - Darren whispered, - Just between us comedians… honestly…why did she touch her knee?