Fairy Tales will never disappear from our collective memory. We are constantly entertained with innovative takes on the old stories.  Each re-release gives a new twist on the old myths.

The general fairy tale idea should never change: Good conquers Evil. (With some paranormal help, though.)  But other fairy messages and tips can be customized to better fit the modern-day life.  That’s what the re-makers do, and there is so much more to be done.

A bouquet of recent remixes (“Snow White and the Hunstman”, “Mirror Mirror” and ABC’s “Once Upon A Time”) brought the old good Snow White back to superstardom. She definitely still has potential. And we’ve already learned quite a few practical tips from the original version:

-         Don't take food from strangers.

- Wash your fruits before eating.

- An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Actually, apple power is just a minor issue of the story, and it is also plagiarized (remember Eve – the girl from Garden of Eden?)

The prime idea of this tale has to do with beauty. Like, Evil Queen is beautiful, but (as implied by the name) evil. And Snow White is a fine girl with inner beauty, who is also - beautiful (as implied by her nickname – Sleeping Beauty).  This is a little confusing. To be on even ground, outer beauty should lose to inner beauty, and not to the combination of both. That is a bit unfair. We need to research a version where Snow White is an unappealing girl with inner beauty and a bad case of acne. And see if Prince Charming will still be willing to kiss her.

Another idea is to put more emphasis on seven dwarfs. They are ‘good people’, beautiful on the inside but not classically handsome. They all have a crush on Snow White. Maybe because she is the only female roommate and has no competition. Maybe because she is gorgeous inside and out. Snow White, hiding on the dwarfs’ property, also does not have much of a dating prospect, but she doesn’t see a love interest among jolly midgets. Promoting the idea of inner beauty, we should try a remake in the format of Bachelorette show: “Snow White and seven eligible dwarfs”. They will date individually or in groups. While the bachelorette is in a coma, the little guys will be kissing her. The one, whose smooch resuscitates the girl, will become her friend with benefits. This opportunity was not explored yet. Existing versions only allow the Charming guy to give the kiss of life to the cataleptic beauty. That sends a wrong message, that a successful CPR can be performed only by a good-looking paramedic.

Another all-time favorite is Cinderella. This constantly reincarnated story has given us many valuable ideas:

-         The underdog can win.

-         Impractical shoes will get you a husband.

-         Excessive housework makes you graceful and elegant.

-         Always make noticeable entrance and exit.

-         Be nice to your siblings because you never know if they are going to be richer than you.

-         Don't run too fast in heels, or you'll lose a shoe.

But the principal idea is: if you are poor, abused and neglected, you are eligible for royal benefits. However none of the existing versions explains how to claim these benefits. In fact, Cinderella did not do anything to get reimbursed. Everything was handed to her just for being poor, abused, neglected and, yes, kind-hearted. But who will explain to a real-life Cindy or Ella, kind-hearted, overworked, underpaid and unappreciated, how to turn mice into horses, Wranglers into Dior, and how to trap a prince? Fairy Godmothers do not exist. Godfathers, though, are more viable, but they are not much into poor hard-working girls. Essentially, there is just one Cinderella version – “Pretty Woman” that shows how being good at your job can spot you a Richard Gere and a Maserati with stick shift. Re-makers should keep working on the ambiguous Cinderella message.

While most of fairy tales are focused on female characters, it is time to turn to airy-fairy guys. A remake of “Three Little Pigs” would be a perfect fit for the current situation. How about this – the big bad wolf represents the Recession. First he blows down the straw house and eats the first little pig. With a little more effort he blows down the stick house and the second little pig does not live to tell the tale. The third little pig in his brick house manages to survive and is diligently working on a new security system to shield him when the wolf returns with dynamite. With this version we can create a best-selling fusion of thriller, fantasy, apocalypse and political suspense.

New takes of “Three Little Pigs” may be inspirational, educational and practical. They can convey valuable messages, like:

-         Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

-         Three heads are not necessarily better than one.

-         Always comply with Building Regulations.

-         Let your brother do all the hard work and then move in with him.

-         Learn to manage your anger and don't eat too many fatty foods.

-         Check your wind loadings when using lightweight materials.

-         Don't let talking pigs ruin your day.

Old fairy tales will always be a source of new wisdom. No need to create new plots. Just put a modern twist on an outdated myth.

Once upon a time they lived happily ever after. What about today?