Michael and Mindy are going to the comedy club. To spend time together and to laugh together. They both have sense of humor. But they are different.

Mindy is very picky in finding things funny. She does not like stupid jokes. For her, humor is a joy of feeling intelligent. Someone makes a clever joke and only a few people get it. If Mindy gets it, she congratulates herself on being intelligent. She laughs. Somebody tries to put on the shoes standing up and falls over. He looks foolish, and Mindy feels intelligent as she is not the one falling over trying to put on shoes. So she laughs. Enough said - Mindy is a woman.

Michael will laugh at almost anything, often exactly because it is (or he is) extremely stupid. Someone takes the pants off standing up and falls. It is foolish, but hilarious. Michael laughs. Someone makes a clever joke, and Michael laughs. Even if he does not get it. He congratulates himself on being a good sport.  Needless to say - Michael is a man.

Women are pleasantly surprised when they get the joke. Men are sorely disappointed when they don’t.

She, who laughs last, used more time and brain muscle to finally get the joke. He, who laughs last, just didn’t get the joke.

Michael and Mindy watched lot of comedy. And they learned, what is supposed to be funny.

They learned that pain is funny. It is the basis for all humor. It's a simple rule that if nobody gets hurt, it isn't funny. The only exception to the rule is when the pain happens to you. When you get hurt, it isn’t funny. It just hurts. However, other people find your pain amusing. They laugh.

Another rule of comedy is wordplay. Playing with words is funny. Like saying one word when you mean another. For example, calling your girlfriend “Nancy” while her name is “Jane”.  This type of humor is often followed by humor involving pain. At first, Michael and Mindy did not understand this joke. When Michael called Mindy “Sarah”, it was not funny. It followed by pain, and that was not funny either. But when a comedian told this joke from the stage, both Michael and Mindy laughed. They realized, that was funny. Mindy remembered that right after she slapped him, Michael’s face was funny. Michael remembered that right before she slapped him, Sarah’s face was funny. Or was it Mindy’s face?

Saying words in funny ways is also funny. When British people say "aluminium," that's funny. In fact, anybody with an accent that isn't like yours is funny, and you should laugh to show your appreciation. So Mindy says “he-he-he”. And Michael says “huh huh huh!”

Saying dirty words is a fundamental rule of comedy. If a comedian does not use bad words, he is a bad comedian. Mindy does not like bad words. But it is a rule, and so she laughs (teehee!). And she congratulates herself on knowing Anatomy. Michael loves dirty words. He says “bwahaha!” and thanks the comedian for saying it out loud in front of Mindy.

Some funny words are just funny for no good reason. “Alkaseltzer” is funny. “Gesundheit” is funny. “Cockroach“ is funny as a word. “Aardvark”, “rutabaga” and “hydrangea” are hilarious. Mindy thinks, “Unicycle” is funny. If someone says “Unicycle”, she laughs.

There are also objects that are naturally funny. This is not to be confused with words that are naturally funny. Actual hydrangeas and rutabagas are not funny. They should not be used as comedian’s props. However, plungers, hacksaws and flower squirters can make a good prop. Aadvark is a very funny animal, but no one has used it for a prop yet. Cockroaches are funny, unless they escape from the stage to the audience. Boomerangs are funny. Whoopie cushions are outdated. Michael thinks, unicycle is funny.  If a comedian enters the stage on unicycle, Michael laughs.

Lies are inherently funny. But the truth is usually funnier. Political jokes are popular because they are lies about liars. Relationship jokes are popular because they are truth about liars. Michael finds both lies and truth hilarious. He understands that life is quite possibly a joke to begin with. He is a man. He laughs. Mindy, bless her tender heart, prefers the life to be fair, and sweet, and not the filthy mess it actually is. She is a woman. She laughs through tears.

Finally, unexpected is funny. This is an important rule. When something happens that you do not expect to happen, that's funny. When a lady in a white coat walks towards a freshly-painted park bench, you expect her to sit on this bench. That may be kind of funny (he-he). But when she does not get to sit on the bench because she falls into a manhole just two feet away from the bench, this is really funny (ahahah!) It also involves pain (mwahahahaha!)

When a comedian tells a joke, he expects the audience to laugh. When no one laughs, that’s funny because he doesn’t expect that to happen. So he starts laughing himself. A comedian laughing at a non-funny joke is unexpected, which means funny, so Michael starts laughing too. Mindy does not expect Michael to laugh at non-funny comedian, so she laughs as well. Now everyone is laughing.  Laughter is contagious. It is a group thing.  People generally do not like to laugh alone, that’s why they go to comedy clubs. When they come to a comedy show, they intend to laugh and nothing can stop them. Even the stupid comedian.

Michael and Mindy are coming to the comedy club to laugh together.

Somebody, please say “Aadvark”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!