John Smith starts the day early. His alarm-clock (Made in Japan) always rings at 6 am.  While the coffee (Made in Colombia) is perking in the coffeepot (Made in China), he shaves with his electric razor (Made in Hong Kong). He puts on a dress shirt (Made in Sri Lanka), designer jeans (Made in Singapore) and Nike shoes (Made in Pakistan). After cooking some bacon (Made in Ireland) in his new electric skillet (Made in India) he sits down with his calculator (Made in Mexico) to see how much he could spend today (in the USA)... After setting his watch (Made in Taiwan) to the radio (Made in Turkey) he gets in his car (Made in South Korea), fills it with gas (from Saudi Arabia) and continues his search for a good paying AMERICAN JOB.

At the end of yet another discouraging and fruitless day, checking his computer (Made in Malaysia), John decides to relax for a while. He puts on his sandals (Made in Brazil), pours himself a glass of wine (Made in France), turns on his TV (Made in Indonesia), and starts thinking why he can't find a good paying job in America.

John Smith, an ordinary American unemployed, is wondering why he cannot find a job. John has good skills, good work ethics and good attitude. John is a good employee. He can do well in automobile industry, or shoes industry, or electronics industry, or bacon industry... John can make plenty of good things in America. He just can’t find WHERE the things are still made in America. Or, WHETHER the things are still made in America.

John’s job was displaced due to trade with other countries (Sorry, John). His job was outsourced (We apologize, John). John understands. He has a good attitude. John feels for people in other countries. Those people also need bacon for breakfast. Furthermore, John feels for people in American Government. Those people are trying to run the economy. (That’s hard). And they also eat bacon. (That’s vital). John wonders if the Government can be outsourced. Maybe “Made-in-Elsewhere” Government can run the economy better? Or faster? Or cheaper? Or maybe in the right direction?

John Smith does not want to upset his Government. He likes these people. He voted for them. He gave them this job. He shared his bacon with them (when he had a job and paid taxes, of course). He is sure; they have good skills, good work ethics and good attitude. (Just like John). John is thinking of outsourcing the Government not because he does not like the Government. Nothing personal.

John’s employer said, “I like you, John. I like your work. I apologize, John, I just try to survive in this economy.  By outsourcing. Nothing personal.” John also needs to survive in this economy. He used to believe, the Government could help. Now he is willing to help the Government.  He would propose his idea of how to survive. Which is: by in-sourcing. Which is: by hiring good staff from here and making good stuff in here. So everyone can have a job here. And even the Government can stay. (If they agree with John’s economic plan, of course.)

John’s grandfather, John Smith Sr., told John that until the end of World War II, America's economy was rather self-sufficient. Everything it consumed it also produced. Grandpa ate American bacon, wore American jeans, drove American car and listened to American radio… There were no computers yet. And no outsourcing. And no Global Supply Chain.  But there were foods, goods and jobs. (Excluding the Great Depression, of course.)

John learned a lot from his grandpa, mainly he learned how to be a good man and do good things for his country. Now John wants to support a good cause – the return of American manufacturing. He wishes to change “Poorly-Made-in-China” into “Made-Again-in-USA”.

John Smith does not intend to eliminate international trade and collaboration. He still wants good stuff, made elsewhere and imported here. He wants cigars from Cuba, vodka from Russia and good china from China. But he does not want everything from China.  For example, John does not want Chinese lead-painted toys and melamine-tainted milk powder (earlier scandals proved, they are not good), or Chinese condoms (Chinese population growth proves, they are not good).

With all the respect to modern world-wide communications, John simply would like to proudly consume home-made stuff, repair this stuff in a store two blocks away and get customer support from a guy next door. And right now John Smith simply wants to be employed, to produce the stuff, or to work in a store two blocks away, or to give customer support to a next-door guy.

John has lot of skills and knowledge, but sadly he does not know exactly how to run this economy thing. What he does know is that his wife and American-made children need bacon for breakfast. Practically every day. Regardless of the economy. And so every day John keeps looking for a job. And every night he keeps thinking of reclaiming the American glory. His days start early. His thoughts keep him up late.

John Smith sets his alarm-clock (Made in Japan) to 6 am (American time) and goes to bed. He wishes for a good American dream.