Do you believe in paranormal phenomena? If you do – why? If you do not – why not?

Paranormal means "beyond normal". Makes sense - if you know the definition of "normal". The best one: "normal is what’s not abnormal". Makes sense. Other definitions are not so convincing. "Normal is standard-expected-known-understood." Standards are changing, expectations are growing. So, everything that is unknown or not fully understood is mysterious and paranormal. Should we believe in it?

If we say:”We can’t explain it, so we just illogically believe in it” – we are stupid.

If we say:”We can’t explain it, so it cannot exist” – we are arrogant.

We try to understand things we cannot explain. We wish to find cause and effect. Our ‘normal’ brain activity is carried to an extreme, which forces some of us to become smug skeptics, and others – to believe in the supernatural, from gods to ghosts and every sort of monster in between.

People are eager to except unlikely and even outlandish creatures and ideas, like ghosts, witches, psychics, telepathy, UFOs and other paranormal entities in order to explain things beyond their control and understanding. Scientist, the smartest of us, can’t help much. How can they prove that something does not exist? Science cannot discover Truth - it can only eliminate falsehood.

So, it’s up to us to evaluate what is normal and what is spooky, based on our own experience and intuition (by the way, intuition is paranormal by itself – we have not figured it out yet).

Let’s say, your wallet mysteriously disappears. You think it is bad, but normal. Because ‘people being thieves’ is normal (see definition of normal). If later your wallet mysteriously re-appears with all its contents untouched, you think it is good but abnormal. Because ‘you being delusional or absent-minded’ is abnormal. And so is poltergeist.

Let’s say, your TV starts changing channels by itself. You can think your house is haunted. Or you can check your remote control. Because it could have a short circuit or you could be sitting on it. This is normal. Let’s say, you disconnect your TV from electrical outlet, and it keeps changing channels. This means, your remote control is normal. Your house is haunted.

Let’s say, you are home alone and suddenly your curtains tie themselves into nuts and dance lambada right in front of your eyes, the TV flies out of the room to the bathroom,  the refrigerator turns upside down,  your new wallpaper bursts into flames and you hear some strange voice. (What is it saying? Get the what out of here?) You can think, your house-ghost does not want to share the crib with you, and get the whatever out of there. Or you can confront your fun-loving friends who played this innocent prank on you, and make them pay for property damages and dry-clean the pants you were wearing.

Let’s say, you are hitch-hiking on a very dark night. Sure, no car is coming by. And sure, it starts raining. Suddenly you see a car slowly coming towards you and stopping. You jump into the car without thinking, just to realize there is nobody behind the wheel and the engine is not on! While you try to decide, if it is normal, the car starts moving. Almost certain that this is not totally normal, you look at the road and see a curve approaching. While you are praying, just before the car hits the curve, a hand appears through the window and turns the wheel. Sure, you jump out of the car and run. Let’s say, you are lucky to run right into a local bar. You rush inside and order a double whiskey. And then you start sobbing. Because you are in shock and because no one will believe your paranormal story. You cry so hard, you don’t see two guys walking into the bar. And you don’t hear one of them saying to the other, ‘Look, here is the idiot who got in the car while we were pushing it.’

Let’s say, you are not a wimp and you don’t cry. And you see and hear everything. But the guys never come to that bar. Would your overactive imagination make them up? Or would you leave the situation paranormal?

Let’s say, you have insomnia, loss of appetite, nausea, headaches and fatigue. You experience memory loss for a period of time when you couldn’t remember where the heck you had been. You find scars, bruises, burns and missing hair, and you don’t know who did it to you. You feel that you can fly. You feel that you are going crazy. You suddenly experience interest in ecology, environment, vegetarianism, and high social awareness. You have strange sexual problems, like a feeling that you must not do it because it would interfere with "something" important you must do. Would you think you were abducted by aliens? Would you be disappointed that they’ve brought you back? (Are you not good for them to keep?) Or would you rather quit drinking?

Let’s say, a psychic told you, she saw big money in your future. A day later you find a dollar on the ground. Would you send her a thank you note? O would you consider it a coincidence? And do you really understand why the coincidence happened? Maybe it is just another fancy word for unexplained phenomena?

Coincidence, intuition, Déjà vu, freak of nature, medical miracle – can be all synonyms for “we have no clue, what this crap is about”.

We already know so much. But there is so much more that we don’t know. That means our world is profoundly paranormal. Whether we believe it or not.