Auditions begin for a new ShoeTime channel original movie “Hippy feet”.

The cast.

Stiletto - female. Gorgeous, elegant, vivid, longs for attention. A little spoiled, always gets what she wants. Confident about her power and sex appeal. (Lead character.)

Oxford Balmoral - Male. Successful lawyer. Well-groomed, metrosexual, arrogant. Seducer. Stiletto’s fiancée. (Lead character.)

Sneaker - Transgender. Oxford’s childhood friend. Very outgoing. Loves surfing, skiing, racing, bungee-jumping, and skydiving. (Lead character.)

Crystal Slipper - Female. Single, never finds a mate. You can see through her. Very stiff. Believes in Cinderella story. Oxford’s first love. (Lead character.)

Derby Footwear - Male. Stilettos’ ex. Dumped by Stiletto and heartbroken, eventually finds new love with Blucher Footgear. Dressed in khaki and blazer.

Blucher Footgear - Male . Stilettos’ ex. Dumped by Stiletto and heartbroken, eventually finds new love with Derby Footwear. Dressed in blazer and khaki.

Jimmy Choo-Shoe - Male. Oxford’s father. Filthy rich, arrogant, opinionated.  High-born, high-class, high-maintenance.

Manolo Blahnik - Female. Jimmy’s  ex-wife, Oxford’s mother. Stylish. Likes posh accessories. Age can not be identified. Looks like Sarah Jessica Parker.

Floozy Stiletto - Female. Main character’s promiscuous sister, who makes her really uncomfortable. Very unstable. Lustful. Always high. Can’t keep vertical for a long period of time. Either hanging of a pole or hanging out in bed. The actress’s consent is required for rumpy-pumpy scenes.

Comfy Flat - Female. Working girl. Cute, petite, humble. Jealous of Crystal. Intimidated by Stiletto. Having affair with Oxford.

Guy Loafer - Male. Down to earth, loyal and stable. Works hard, runs household errands and watches a lot of TV. Married with 3 kids, owns a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house in a subdivision. Secretly fantasizes about Stiletto.

Missy Loafer - Female. Guy’s wife. Stay home mom. Attractive, bored, unsatisfied. Hates Stiletto. Dreams of Oxford.

Dorothy Ruby-Red - Superwoman.  Possesses teleportation powers. Exterminates witches.  Having affair with Oxford.

Crocks family - Mother, father and kids. All chubby, soft-natured, ugly-looking, pleasant. Selfless, flexible, caring. Involved in missionary activities.

Dr. Scholl - Male. Supportive character. Chiropractor. Activist. Promotes Jello.

Limb Sizer - Male. A numeric character. Intelligent, obsessive-compulsive, socially inept nerd. A scientific genius whose theories can only be understood by himself. Most known for his “Size matters” theory. Controversial and hated by public. For his thesis “Men’s shoe size is directly proportional to the size of genitalia” being chased by shorter men. For “Women’s shoe size is directly proportional to their IQ” being attacked by feminist movement, because men’s sizes are bigger.

Dude Boot - The ‘bad boy’. Hiker/biker/rock-n-roll musician. Tough, dressed tough, acts tough. Drinks, smokes, got tattoos. Girls are totally attracted to him. Mothers never approve.

Peep Toe - Female. Modern, stable, elegant. Jimmy’s housekeeper. Jimmy’s office assistant. Jimmy’s mistress. Having affair with Oxford. Having affair with Dude. Having affair with Dorothy.

Flip Flop - Male. Loose, open, free-spirited, unattached. Not reliable. Surprisingly popular. Sneaker’s best friend.

BOGO the 1st and BOGO Free - Siamese twins. Stuck together by financial obligations. Freak Stiletto out.

Spanish Boot  - Male. Most evil character. Sadistic gangster. Crushes and mutilates the victim. Tries to destroy Jimmy. Confronted by the Crocks.

Barefoot - Invisible character. Gender unknown. Represents freedom, poverty and pain.

Pointes, Foot Thongs, Clogs, Skimmers and Ghillies - dance crew for musical numbers. Overworked, tired, injured, but cheerful and enthusiastic.

Some characters require understudy with opposite topographical orientation – for possible left-right shifting of the plot.

Casting director: Star Shoemaker.