Celebrity prime foods – sounds very attractive. We want to eat it so we’d look like celebrities. Those people definitely consume something special. When an overweight girl becomes famous, she immediately claims that she is very comfortable in her skin, and immediately starts losing weight. Soon after - she is a spokesperson for some slimming brand that worked magic for her. For some reason the same brand does not work for most of us – ordinary people. We can bet, it also did not work for that celebrity before she became a celebrity. It is some special celebrity metabolism that is kept secret. Part of it is money. We, the ordinary people on budget, do not trespass on the green land of plastic surgeries, entourage and high-priced personal trainers. We just want to try their food on our budget. Just to have a taste of it. We may mail-order celebrity food and put food stamps on the envelope – just to make a statement. Would they send us a ramekin with their foodstuff?

Seriously, we only want to taste their cuisine – just for fun. For us it’s fun, we are not required to be Red Carpet ready (that basically means not to cast sizeable shade on the Red Carpet). We don’t have to go to some length to change our width. But we would like to take our shadeless bodies from that red carpet to those after-parties and modestly smell the hors d'oeuvres. Glam people are nice enough to exhibit their parties’ menus for us; hence we are even more confused. It feels like just the smell of their dishes can make our shade the size of a local airport. So we need to try now. We need to know, what is in this food. It has to be some secret.

Celebrities don’t make a secret of their everyday diet (outside the parties, of course). They eagerly advertise both what they put on their bodies and what they put in. And while “Who are you wearing?” is not very practical for our budget, “Who are you eating?”- we can try to utilize in our unglamorous lives.

Some of them declare: “I eat whatever I want, I just have very good metabolism”. We choose not to believe them, because we still want to like them.

Most of them say: ”I watch my food”. Does it mean they just watch it and don’t eat it?

And some of them admit they prefer food delicacies. That’s what we suspected! What we did not suspect is that those delicacies include things like grasshoppers, crickets, cockroaches (fried, of course) along with curiosities like grub worms, shark fin, June beetles, and butterflies. Maybe, that’s the secret? We need to try it.

The magnificent Angelina Jolie is sharing some dieting tips: “I’ve eaten cockroaches, bee larvae and crickets. You can get them with peanuts inside or with guts. I like them—they’re really meaty and high in protein.”

Most of us are not ready yet to munch on chocolate-covered cricket or peanut-filled cockroach. But we should not be so small-minded.

Believe it or not, edible insects are highly nutritious and excellent sources of lean protein. And they are high in calcium, phosphorous and iron. And they fit our budget perfectly. So if you are lucky to have roaches in your home, be grateful for free food. Change your hunting habits, don’t squish them with a dirty shoe, and collect them carefully into a coffee grinder or on a cookie sheet. Who knows, maybe Entomophagy (that is a cool word for insect eating) is your perfect celebrity diet.
The great opera star Maria Callas deliberately ate tapeworms to lose weight.

The grand writer Vladimir Nabokov tried butterflies (though he did not like them and proclaimed them “vile,” like “almonds and perhaps green cheese.”)

Like famous people, we want to create our own diets – for health reasons or for our bizarre ambitions.

The sexy Nicolas Cage revealed that he chooses what he eats according to the mating habits of the animals. “I think fish are very dignified with sex. So are birds. But pigs, not so much. So I don’t eat pig meat or things like that. I eat fish and fowl”. Maybe we should try this to be aroused by eating fish for their dignified mating habits?

The boxing great Joe Louis drank blood fresh from slaughterhouse cow before some of his big fights.

The Apple founder Steve Jobs tried an all-apple diet. Makes perfect sense, except for… he thought it might allow him to stop bathing.

Still, if odd foods and celebrities are your cup of tea, this might just be food for your soul.

You should not necessarily follow the diets of skinny celebrities. Being thin or thick is just a matter of taste. You may very well endorse Elvis Presley’s peanut-butter-jelly-and-bacon diet. You may be fast food junkie, like some of them, or follow others to posh restaurants. But don’t assume that all those others are true gourmets. Maybe they just avoid unfashionable restaurants because they don't want to gain weight in the wrong places.

But, as a rule, the fascination with celebrity food is a part of our wishful shrinking. Usually we want to have a skinny shadow. That’s why we are after celebrity diets.

Remember: before beginning celebrity diet or exercise program, check with your doctor - to make sure your heart can take the shock of the program’s price.